Powering the pharmacy of the future

Imagine a world where pharmacists and patients work together, unburdened by outdated technology. With Prescryptive AI Pricing, your pharmacy can maximize profits and reach and retain new customers, all with better health outcomes for your patients.

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Powering the pharmacy of the future

What makes AI more than a buzzword
for pharmacies like yours?

  • AI-driven insights

    A pricing engine driven by artificial intelligence to help pharmacists be immediately more competitive.

  • Enhanced analytics

    Get current updates and a steady stream of actionable insights.

  • Real-time reports & feedback

    Quickly see key performance indicators for revenue, along with customizable pricing goals and seamless feedback within the platform.

  • Customized, dynamic pricing

    A team of Prescryptive data scientists analyzes pharmacy pricing data, looking for opportunities based on pharmacy location, the drug itself and much more.

  • A predictive model

    This forward-looking solution assures that pharmacies can leverage the power of AI, offering a capability that balances profitable sustainability and maximum patient savings.

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Powering the pharmacy of the future

In this report, learn how Prescryptive AI Pricing could help your pharmacy drive profitability even in the face of major headwinds. See gross profit margin and gross profit per prescription of pharmacies working with us, plus a case study and more.

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Prescryptive AI Pricing works for you and your customers

A cash pricing engine powered by intelligent technology

Optimize your pharmacy’s profitability even further with Prescryptive AI Pricing. Our team of AI scientists will analyze your claims data to look for opportunities based on proprietary competitive information, pharmacy location, the drug itself, and much more. You get enhanced analytics and a profitable system for cash pricing at your store based on our predictive model.

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Rewriting the Script Report: Insights for pharmacies

To understand more about the pharmacy landscape and trends for the coming years, we commissioned a survey of more than 340 independent pharmacy decision makers and over 1,000 consumers.

CASE STUDYBoone Drugs Inc.

“Prescryptive AI Pricing has given us the stability of profitability and the confidence that our customers will get a great price.”

Boone Drugs Inc. (Boone Drug) operates pharmacies across eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, with a total of 12 pharmacies currently using Prescryptive AI Pricing.
Key successes


uplift in gross margin per prescription two weeks after go-live

  • 32% uplift

    in gross margin per prescription four weeks after go-live

  • 37% uplift

    in gross margin per prescription three months after go-live

CASE STUDYChancy Drugs

“Prescryptive AI Pricing does the hard work for us when it comes to setting our cash pricing.”

Family-owned Chancy Drugs has seven pharmacies located through southern Georgia that offer some of the most innovative pharmacy services available today. Given its reputation for innovation, Chancy Drugs knew it had to take a chance on Prescryptive AI Pricing to improve its cash pricing process.
Key successes


locations using Prescryptive AI Pricing to customize store’s positioning in market

  • Up to $4

    average uplift per cash prescription over historic claims

  • 13,000+

    total cash prescriptions processed on Prescryptive AI Pricing as of Feb 2024

CASE STUDYHomeTown Pharmacy

“As for empowering our people, it’s really helped boost our team’s satisfaction too.”

HomeTown Pharmacy operates more than 30 pharmacies across three states – Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.
Key successes


cash transactions processed

  • 102% increase in average profit
    per prescription

  • 91% average per prescription
    savings for patients

CASE STUDYKerrville Drug Co.

“We’re giving our customers the best price with no strings attached”

As a single independent pharmacy in rural Texas, Kerrville Drug Co. must balance keeping medication prices affordable with growing profitability in order to keep the doors open for the community.
Key successes


increase in per prescription profitability in 30 days with Prescryptive AI Pricing

  • 6% increase in total cash claims

    processed in the same 30-day period

  • 88% average per prescription
    savings for patients

CASE STUDYPurdy Cost Less Pharmacy

“AI pricing gives me confidence I’m not leaving money on the table.”

As a co-owner of more than 24 independent pharmacies largely located in the Pacific Northwest, Jeff Harrell, PharmD, knows the critical role technology plays in evolving his pharmacy business – profitably.
Key successes


revenue increase year to date

  • 16% revenue increase

    within one week

  • Personalized data

    analysis and insights

I’m getting new patients at my counter every day. Prescryptive allows me to offer more services efficiently so I can focus on what matters most: patient care.

Vincent Chiffy

Owner of Parkway Drugs, Utica, NY.

I thought the drug benchmarking data we had via our PMS was sufficient for our business. Prescryptive proved me wrong.

Jeff Harrell

PharmD, multi-location pharmacy co-owner

Prescryptive has proven to be a true partner in helping independent pharmacists improve workflow, scheduling, and reporting, which allows them more time for clinical care.

Theresa Tolle

Lead Luminary, CPESN Florida

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