Prescryptive’s emPBM: A PBM empowering savings through member engagement 

PBM services that include effective clinical programs, proven savings, and member engagement to improve outcomes.  

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Prescryptive’s emPBM: A PBM empowering savings through member engagement 


employer satisfaction rating with Prescryptive transition


employer retention rate in 2023 


savings for plan per employee for prescription drug switches (average first-year total)

A PBM solution that works harder for your plan and members

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  • Total cost philosophy that helps lower the net per member per month costs​
  • Savings alerts and therapeutic alternatives to maximize savings opportunities​
  • Cash and benefit price comparison for members to pick the least expensive option
  • Clear pricing options: Low net cost and/or rebate visibility
  • Empower plan members with up-front price transparency at the point of care​
  • Optimize use of lowest net-cost pharmacy with transparent pricing across a complete network​
  • Digital interventions that optimize utilization and adherence to improve health outcomes​
  • Prevent sticker shock and reduce Rx abandonment at the pharmacy
  • Help improve medication adherence to current formularies​
  • Adopt more progressive plan design​
  • Plan insights and relevant member information to help reduce calls to HR
  • A 60,000+ pharmacy network for patient convenience

Learn more about our validations and commitments.

Clinical programs that focus on efficacy and safety first

Our goals: efficacy, value, quality. Here are our guiding principles for clinical support, philosophy, and plan design: 

  • Efficacious and safe 
  • Appropriate utilization 
  • Minimize misuse 
  • Appropriate medications 
  • Flexible clinical strategy  

The Prescryptive formulary

Most PBMs would turn their nose up at the thought, but the benefits of a low net-cost strategy add up: 

  • Promotes appropriate use of highly effective lower priced drugs as first line utilization
  • Eliminates unnecessary waste for higher cost products
  • Supports the use of lower cost drugs with the same or better efficacy
  • Significantly enhances member’s ability to make the right choices for themselves, lower their cost, and the plan’s cost

Stop chasing rebates and choose emPBM: a new kind of PBM that saves self-funded employers and their employees money through a formulary strategy that’s transparent, effective and empowering.

Empowerment through technology

  • Mobile experiences that drive transparency, choice and control

  • Real-time text updates at the point of care for drug swaps

  • Prescription shopping

  • Price comparison — with and without insurance

  • Discounts on medication through the SmartPRICETM savings program

  • Designed for better security and compliance

CASE STUDYConfluence Health

“Before Prescryptive, we were fielding issues with our pharmacy benefit almost weekly.”

Confluence Health partnered with Prescryptive to manage formulary costs and lower prices for their members.
Key successes

$5.13M saved

since switching to emPBM

  • 7,000 members

    successfully transitioned

  • 30% cost reduction

    successfully transitioned


“[Costs are] 45% lower than when we started three years ago.”

In March of 2020, a plan transitioned mid-year from a large pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company to Prescryptive Health — and it hasn’t looked back.
Key successes


improvement in plan savings compared to the incumbent

  • Money icon


    drop in PMPM costs for the plan in the months following Prescryptive’s implementation

  • Person icon

    Plan member

    experience has exceeded all expectations


I really like the partnership I have with Prescryptive. The combination of the platform, plan design, and formulary works well in incentivizing employees to choose lower cost drugs.

Current client 

Prescryptive’s transparent approach to benefit management makes us feel confident that the issues discovered during the transition from our former PBM will never happen again. 

Kristen Hankins, Director of Network Strategy, Confluence Health 

The new Prescryptive benefit saves on my out-of-pocket costs for my son’s transplant medications. We’re finally down to what we were paying back in 2014. Yippee! 

Prescryptive Member with Employer Benefits

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