Healthcare begins with trust

As a healthcare technology company, we know how sensitive health information is

We built our platform on a core belief:
Health data is the patient’s. Our mission is to protect it.

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SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Prescryptive is committed to delivering a secure platform to our customers, partners, and healthcare consumers.

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Validation Institute verified

Our transparent pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solution has been validated for savings. All Prescryptive clients have experienced improved pricing compared to their previous PBM.

Our privacy & security commitment

Prescryptive’s role is to empower healthcare consumers with information on their prescription journey while protecting patient data.

The patient owns their data

  • Patients control it. And they can access, correct, and require us to delete it at any time. 
  • We use patient information with permission, to provide the services the patient requests. 
  • We put our commitment in writing with industry-leading contractual protections.
  • We will never sell a patient’s personal information.

We protect it 

  • Patient data does not leave the United States. It’s secured in our U.S.-based data platform. 
  • We implement multi-layered, industry-leading security practices, including ensuring data is always encrypted.
  • We subject our security policies and procedures to third-party audit for compliance. 
  • All our employees and contractors are required to maintain a baseline level of security training and compliance.

We do not make money on the sale of drugs

Our mission is to empower the healthcare consumer to take ownership of their prescription, realigning financial incentives and bringing fundamental change to the U.S. prescription drug market.

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Built for privacy & security

Connect and protect: it’s the Prescryptive way. Our patient-friendly platform makes prescriptions secure, portable, and ownable by the patient to positively impact health outcomes.

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An experienced team you can trust

Prescryptive leadership has 24 decades of combined experience in building and deploying secure healthcare technology and experiences.

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Empowering patients at the point of care

The myPrescryptive experience provides prescription information and choice at the doctor’s office on our secure system.

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We will never sell personal information 

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