Your prescriptions. You're in control. All on your phone.

Your prescriptions. You’re in control. All on your phone.

With myPrescryptive, you’ll never wonder about your prescriptions again. Our transparent pricing and easy-to-manage platform let you know what your prescription costs, what savings might be available, and all your pharmacy options — all before you leave your doctor’s office.

<strong><strong>Prescription information at the point of care</strong></strong>
<strong><strong>Prescription information at the point of care</strong></strong> logo

Prescription information at the point of care

Don’t wait until you’re at the pharmacy counter to get the answers you need.

  • No app necessary. Know the price of the medication and pharmacy options before you leave the doctor’s office
  • Access myPrescryptive by tapping the link in your first text alert
<strong>Compare drug prices </strong><br><strong>from your phone</strong>
<strong>Compare drug prices </strong><br><strong>from your phone</strong> logo

Compare drug prices
from your phone

If paying with cash is less than your insurance copay, wouldn’t you want to know?

  • Compare your insurance copay to the SmartPRICETM — the price without insurance
  • Easily compare prices between locations
<strong>Switch to lower cost medications </strong>
<strong>Switch to lower cost medications </strong> logo

Switch to lower cost medications 

myPrescryptive lets you know if there’s a lower-cost alternative option with the same effectiveness.

  • If you have pharmacy benefits with us, we’ll tell you when there’s a medication at a lower cost
  • Make the switch with your doctor
<strong>Care for your family and dependents</strong>
<strong>Care for your family and dependents</strong> logo

Care for your family and dependents

Because your loved ones have prescriptions, too.

  • Easily manage prescription needs for your family all in one place – your phone
  • Peace of mind for caregivers who need to transfer, fill, and shop for prescriptions securely

Easy to use

No app to download, no card to remember.

Own your prescription

Know your price before you leave your doctor’s office.

Compare & save

Shop for the best deal, with or without your insurance.

See how we’re rewriting the script

Save up to 90% with SmartPRICE

myPrescryptive helps you assess all the information so you can find your best option for paying for and filling your medication. Sometimes, paying in cash will get you a better price. So we’ll let you know the SmartPRICETM as well as your price with insurance.

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Take full control of the prescription experience

Shop for medications for you and your family just like you shop for everything else, and save up to 90%. 

Choose what matters most to you: the most convenient pharmacy, the best price, extra savings or paying out-of-pocket. It’s all on myPrescryptive.

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