Empowerment at the point of care

myPrescryptive helps patients engage more directly in their health by providing unprecedented transparency into their prescriptions — because it’s hard to feel in control of your health when you’re never sure what it might cost.

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Empowerment at the point of care

Who we serve

Health Systems
Health Systems
Health Systems

We keep your patients engaged in their health journeys, increasing adherence with our easy-to-integrate platform.

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Employers & Consultants
Employers & Consultants
Employers & Consultants

Through prescription transparency, we help employers and their members save on pharmacy benefits.

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Get to know your patients minus the middlemen. Our platform’s real-time insights offer new opportunities.

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No more pharmacy surprises. Know the price of your prescriptions before you even leave the doctor’s office.

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Key features

<strong>Alerts in the moments that matter</strong>
<strong>Alerts in the moments that matter</strong> logo

Alerts in the moments that matter

Patients take control of their prescription experience with our secure platform that offers transparency at the point of care. 

  1. Digital prescriptions are delivered right to a patient’s phone
  2. No app necessary – patients simply follow the link in their first text message for the full experience
<strong>Compare drug prices to save on medications</strong>
<strong>Compare drug prices to save on medications</strong> logo

Compare drug prices to save on medications

More choices means better decision making for every patient, helping to improve outcomes and lower costs.

  1. Compare the insurance copay with the SmartPRICE before reaching the pharmacy
  2. Easily compare prices between pharmacy locations
<strong>Patients can switch to lower-cost medications easily</strong>
<strong>Patients can switch to lower-cost medications easily</strong> logo

Patients can switch to lower-cost medications easily

myPrescryptive stays on top of medication prices, and lets patients know about low-cost alternatives.

  1. Patients managing their prescriptions using myPrescryptive realize average annual savings of $2,589 per alternative*
  2. Healthcare providers and patients work together to make the switch
<strong>Peace of mind for caregivers</strong>
<strong>Peace of mind for caregivers</strong> logo

Peace of mind for caregivers

Prescription management for dependents, too.

  1. Easily manage prescription needs for the family all in one place – the phone
  2. Caregivers can transfer, fill, and shop for prescriptions securely

* Average savings calculated from plans using Prescryptive formulary and plan designs, including rebates.

Do your benefits include myPrescryptive?

Let’s get you connected to a new kind of care.

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As a healthcare technology company, we know how sensitive health information is. See our validations and verifications.

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myPrescryptive is available to everyone

Designed to bring much-needed transparency, choice and control to the prescription experience, myPrescryptive can plug in to existing pharmacy benefit management (PBM) plans to help PBMs and employers reduce plan and member pharmacy benefit spend.