Better for doctors.
Better for patients.

Increase patient engagement and utilization while minimizing disruption to prescriber workflow with myPrescryptive.

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Better for doctors.<br>Better for patients.
Capture and retain patients
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Capture and retain patients

Create a better and more effective prescription experience, right from the moment you welcome patients through your digital front door.

  • Prescriptions are delivered right to the patient’s phone
  • Make prescriptions actionable and build sustainable trust with patients through transparency and control
Increase adherence up to 11%
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Increase adherence up to 11%

The costs of nonadherence and readmission are high, and not just for your patients.

  • Intelligent alerts help patients find better-priced alternatives and save money, helping to increase adherence
  • Drive patients to the in-house pharmacy via shopping features and favorites
Empowered patients are healthier patients
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Empowered patients are healthier patients

Our spend summary tool helps patients demystify their deductibles and take control of their spending.

  • Transparency helps patients make informed decisions about how to pay for their medications
  • Digital information helps connect patients to help drive up adherence, improve outcomes, and eventually lower the cost of care
Increase patient engagement
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Increase patient engagement

Better communication, more trusted information, and a sense of control over the prescription process helps build a deeper connection between your health system and its patients.

  • Our digital medicine cabinet makes prescription management easy for individuals and families
  • Every prescription is an opportunity to pull patients through a digital front door and increase patient engagement and retention
Up to


bump in patient health record activations

Up to


increase in patient engagement

Up to


of first fills are abandoned for various reasons, including cost (IQVIA)

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Our patented digital prescription technology creates new opportunities through:

  • Removing the middlemen to change pharmacy economics
  • Up to 250 hours saved per prescriber per year
  • Using technology to empower and restore trust with patients

myPrescryptive + EHR

Capture and retain more patients, provide meaningful engagement opportunities, and support your digital strategy.

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