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Health Systems
Health Systems
Health Systems

We keep your patients engaged in their health journeys, increasing adherence with our easy-to-integrate platform.

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Better profitability for your pharmacy and better prices for your patients starts with our AI-optimized pricing tool.

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Employers & Consultants
Employers & Consultants
Employers & Consultants

More than a PBM – emPBM helps empower employers, employees, and members.

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Gain insights about patients to align and inform with your brand name strategy.

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No more pharmacy surprises. Know the price of your prescriptions before you even leave the doctor’s office.

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See how we’re rewriting the script

We believe in the impact of patient engagement

The myPrescryptive healthcare platform uses advanced technology to give patients power over their prescriptions, and their health.

Our platform

Empowerment at the point of care
Empowerment at the point of care logo

Empowerment at the point of care

With myPrescryptive, patients receive real-time text alerts that help them make better, more informed decisions.

  1. Prescriptions are delivered right to the patient’s phone
  2. Intelligent alerts help patients find the better-priced alternatives
Managing prescriptions for better outcomes
Managing prescriptions for better outcomes logo

Managing prescriptions for better outcomes

Patients track and manage their prescriptions on a convenient, secure platform — no app to download.

  1. Digital medicine cabinets for individuals and families
  2. Build a prescription history and keep track of it
Track healthcare spending
Track healthcare spending logo

Track healthcare spending

Our spend summary tool helps patients demystify their deductibles and keep track of their plan details.

  1. Transparency helps patients take control of their prescriptions
  2. Informed decision making helps patients adhere to medications to improve health outcomes
<strong>Manage prescriptions for dependents</strong>
<strong>Manage prescriptions for dependents</strong> logo

Manage prescriptions for dependents

Because care extends to loved ones, too.

  1. Easily manage prescription needs for the family all in one place – the phone
  2. Peace of mind for caregivers who need to transfer, fill, and shop for prescriptions securely
CASE STUDYConfluence Health

“Before Prescryptive, we were fielding issues with our pharmacy benefit almost weekly.”

Confluence Health partnered with Prescryptive to manage formulary costs and lower prices for their members.
Key successes

$5.13M saved

since switching to emPBM

  • 7,000+ members

    successfully transitioned

  • 30% cost reduction

    on non-specialty medication


I never would have thought about looking for a therapeutic alternative, and I’ve been paying $260 a month for the last four years. I’m now paying $20 a month.

Prescryptive member

We’re giving our customers the best price with no strings attached … It’s very transparent. Very affordable. It’s just a win-win on both sides.

Margie Hocker

Pharmacy Manager and Certified Pharmacy Technician, Kerrville Drug Co.

Prescryptive has proven to be a true partner in helping independent pharmacists improve workflow, scheduling, and reporting, which allows them more time for clinical care.

Teresa Tolle

Lead Luminary, CPESN Florida

Prescryptive’s transparent approach to benefit management makes us feel confident that the issues discovered during the transition from our former PBM will never happen again.

Kristen Hankins

Director of Network Strategy, Confluence Health

The new Prescryptive benefit saves on my out-of-pocket costs for my son’s transplant medications. We’re finally down to what we were paying back in 2014. Yippee!

Prescryptive member

Directing prescriptions across state lines is a great value add for me. With docs in multiple states (3) and property in 2 states, the ability to direct a common script to a pharmacy along my travel route is great!

myPrescryptive user

Every time anyone ever mentions changing prescription benefits, we always just say NO!

Current Prescryptive customer

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