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Chancy Drugs

Prescryptive AI Pricing does the hard work for us when it comes to setting our cash pricing. It gives us confidence to know we are in the right ballpark and enables us to spend more time taking care of patients.

Patrick Chancy, PharmD.
Clinical Pharmacist, Chancy Drugs 

Family-owned Chancy Drugs has seven pharmacies located throughout southern Georgia that offer some of the most innovative pharmacy services available today. Given its reputation for innovation, Chancy Drugs knew it had to take a chance on Prescryptive AI Pricing to improve its cash pricing process.  


locations using Prescryptive AI Pricing to customize store’s positioning in market

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average uplift per cash prescription over historic claims 


total cash prescriptions processed on Prescryptive AI Pricing as of Feb 2024  

Chancy Drugs prides itself on adopting innovative pharmacy practices and technology at its seven pharmacies in southern Georgia. However, when it came to cash pricing, Chancy Drugs admits it was not doing anything cutting edge – until implementing Prescryptive AI Pricing.   

“Until recently, we used an antiquated model for cash pricing,” said Patrick Chancy, PharmD., and clinical pharmacist at Chancy Drugs. “The reality is PBMs are continuing to change the game. We knew we needed a better solution to compete successfully in our local market.”   

Chancy further explained that independent pharmacies are often thought to be more expensive than competitors when it comes to the cost of prescriptions. “But that couldn’t be further from the truth,” he said. “Independents can be very price competitive. In fact, many drugs are often priced too cheaply. We didn’t even realize how much we were leaving on the table with our cash pricing until we had Prescryptive AI Pricing in place.”  

Chancy Drugs was an early adopter of Prescryptive’s technology, and now all seven stores use the solution. “Having Prescryptive AI Pricing gives us more consistency in our cash pricing. We now feel more competitive to other drug discount programs out there.”  

With Prescryptive AI Pricing, Chancy Drugs is seeing nearly a $4 average profit uplift per cash prescription compared to historic claims, while still providing competitive cash prices to its customers. In fact, the average patient pay amount for cash prescriptions was just under $24. But for Chancy, the success of the solution is not solely in the numbers — it’s the reactions from customers and the staff.   

Chancy explained that any time a pharmacy starts something new – particularly programs impacting the price of medications – there is always a concern of frustrating or upsetting customers and the pharmacy’s staff. “We don’t talk about Prescryptive AI Pricing much – and that’s how we know it’s really working for us,” he said. “But, in all seriousness, it’s really doing its job. It’s taking the pressure off of us, so we can focus our time as pharmacists on caring for our patients.”   

The Prescryptive team has been incredible and very responsive. Beyond the amazing Prescryptive AI Pricing solution itself, we love knowing that when we reach out to Prescryptive they help us navigate issues immediately.

Patrick Chancy, PharmD.
Clinical Pharmacist, Chancy Drugs 

Profitable. Efficient. Turn-key.

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average per prescription profit increase1

Up to


profit increase on cash business for pharmacies using Prescryptive AI Pricing2

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gross profit margin on cash pricing in 2023 for pharmacies using Prescryptive AI Pricing3

1 Includes all processed Prescryptive AI Pricing claims from Aug 2023 – Jan 2024
2 Results vary based on a given pharmacy’s current pricing philosophy and business goals
3 Includes all processed Prescryptive AI Pricing claims from Jan – Dec 2023

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