Empowered by technology

We’re changing the healthcare landscape with our consumer-empowering technology. Down to the details, Prescryptive is designed to empower.

A patented platform

Transparency, choice, and control through a digital prescription experience. Patented by Prescryptive.

Mobile first design

No app to download. Onboarding in a few clicks. This is healthcare for the modern consumer.

Blockchain power

Protecting health information is non-negotiable. Blockchain technology adds a layer of security to private data.

Cloud scale

Best-in-class efficiency and scale means enhancements are implemented with lightning speed to meet market demand.

How can we empower you?

Our flexible platform can plug into your solutions in multiple ways. Learn how we can meet your exact needs.

See how we’re rewriting the script
nearly 50% cosumers rate technology and modern communications as top requirements for care.

Mobile technology puts prescription power directly into the hands of consumers

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Bring on blockchain

  • Patient privacy you can count on

    When a patient accesses their prescriptions on myPrescryptive, they can trust that their information is being protected. Blockchain technology creates a digital key so only the patient and relevant parties can see their information.

  • Access health information anywhere

    Thanks to enhanced security measures, healthcare is now more portable than ever before. By design, health information held in a blockchain is impossible to infiltrate, even when a patient is on their mobile phone.

  • Own your health records

    Blockchain decentralizes your health information, tracking every health record in real-time. What does that mean? Patients always own their data, and never have to pay to access information that’s already theirs.

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