Empowering the healthcare marketplace one prescription at a time

With our mobile-first platform, Prescryptive Health gets everyone on the same page, realigning incentives through the prescription process.

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Empowering the healthcare marketplace one prescription at a time

We’re on a mission to rewrite the script for a US pharmaceutical market.

At Prescryptive, we believe the best experience drives the best outcomes and that by empowering the healthcare consumer with the ability to take ownership of their prescription, we can fundamentally change how the prescription drug market is delivered and consumed in the United States.

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Our mobile-first, blockchain-powered platform will foster fair pricing, better access to medication, increased adherence and member engagement, and enable prescribers, pharmacies, and manufacturers to connect and collaborate in a more equitable and transparent ecosystem.

About us

Transparency and equitable access for all — at Prescryptive, we connect patients, prescribers, pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers with one easy-to-navigate platform, helping to create better health outcomes. 


Personal, powerful and secure: Our HIPAA-compliant platform gives every party control over prescriptions like never before. We believe the meeting of healthcare and technology empowers users at every step.


We built our platform with blockchain technology to put patient privacy, security and accessibility at the center of all that we do.

Mobile-first design

Our patient platform creates a modern, seamless healthcare experience that makes providing and receiving care easier than ever before.

Cloud capability

No app updates needed — our best-in-class efficiency and cloud scale means our platform is constantly being enhanced to meet your needs.

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