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AI-optimized pricing for pharmacies

A cash pricing model that works for you and your customers.

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“They had me at AI.”

Read one pharmacist’s story about using our AI-driven insights to grow his business exponentially.

Built to improve the bottom line

Included with your PrescryptivePRO activation is a new solution for cash-paying customers.

AI-driven insights

A pricing engine driven by artificial intelligence to help pharmacists be immediately more competitive.

A predictive model

This forward-looking solution assures that pharmacies can leverage the power of AI, offering a capability that balances sustainability with savings.

Customized, dynamic pricing

Real-time reports & feedback

Quickly see key performance indicators for revenue, along with customizable pricing goals and seamless feedback within the platform.

Enhanced analytics

New name, same great experience

Prescryptive AI Pricing runs on PrescryptivePRO, our newly refreshed, HIPAA compliant platform.

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Get AI-driven insights to super-boost your bottom line.

How It Works

Optimize your pharmacy’s profitability even further with Prescryptive AI Pricing. Our team of AI scientists will analyze your claims data to look for opportunities based on proprietary competitive information, pharmacy location, the drug itself, and more. You get enhanced analytics and a profitable system for cash pricing at your store based on our predictive model.

A comprehensive platform

PrescryptivePRO is a secure, all-in-one pharmacy solution that also includes profitable clinical services to help you work smarter.

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Get AI-driven insights to super-boost your bottom line.