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Prescryptive Health Expands Point of Care Pharmacy Marketplace with Integrated Clinical Services Focused on Obesity Costs for Patients and Payers

Prescryptive selects 9amHealth for digital marketplace to offer virtual end-to-end cardiometabolic care that drives cost-effective medication utilization and…

Prescryptive Health Announces Cameron Olig as Chief Commercial Officer 

Olig joins after nearly two decades at Prime Therapeutics, where he led commercial and government markets and worked…

Prescryptive Health’s Patented Prescription Management Platform Now Available for PBMs and Employers

Providing real-time price transparency on a mobile phone at the point of care, myPrescryptive delivers plan and member…

Prescryptive Health Previews Point-of-Care Solution for Pharma Manufacturers at Asembia’s AXS23 Summit

New offering will engage, inform, and empower the healthcare consumer to drive product utilization, adherence, and real-time data…

Prescryptive Health Announces More Than 60,000 Network Pharmacies with Competitive Prescription Pricing

Consumers can find and compare prescription drug prices nationwide at local pharmacies on myPrescryptive, Prescryptive’s SMS-based digital prescription…

Prescryptive Health Enhances AI Pricing Offering on PrescryptivePRO, a Platform Built by Pharmacists

The newly renamed platform, built by Prescryptive’s in-house pharmacists, offers cash pricing for prescriptions using a proprietary artificial…

Prescryptive Health Announces New Language Capabilities to Increase Patient Accessibility

The company’s prescription shopping and management experience, myPrescryptive, is now available in Spanish, making it easier for more…

Prescryptive Health anuncia nuevas capacidades de idiomas para aumentar la accesibilidad del paciente

La experiencia de compra y gestión de recetas de la empresa, myPrescryptive, ya está disponible en español, lo…

Prescryptive Health’s PBM Savings Verified by the Validation Institute

The company’s transparent pharmacy benefit solution delivers improved total prescription costs in third-party report.

Prescryptive Health Partners with Lilly on First-to-Market Value-Based Program to Stabilize Insulin Pricing

The new financial model aims to provide price transparency while encouraging medication adherence.

Transcarent Selects Prescryptive Health to Power a New, Different and Better Integrated Pharmacy Experience

Partnership will offer a comprehensive and transparent experience for Transcarent Members.

NCPA Partners With Prescryptive Health to Bring AI-Optimized Pricing to Community Pharmacists Nationwide

The partnership is the first of its kind to help community pharmacists stay competitive with cutting-edge artificial intelligence