Prescryptive Health Previews Point-of-Care Solution for Pharma Manufacturers at Asembia’s AXS23 Summit

New offering will engage, inform, and empower the healthcare consumer to drive product utilization, adherence, and real-time data to help pharma manufacturers meet their goals.

Redmond, WA – April 27, 2023 – Prescryptive Health, a healthcare technology company on a mission to rewrite the script for the U.S. pharmaceutical market, today announced the company will be previewing a new solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers at Asembia’s AXS23 Summit in Las Vegas. Prescryptive Health will be offering enhanced patient engagement capabilities for pharma via the myPrescryptive platform, impacting behavior at the point-of-care to help increase adherence and reduce first-fill abandonment and, ultimately, delivering measurable patient health outcomes.

It’s estimated that $250 billion is forfeited annually by the pharmaceutical industry due to medication nonadherence. As more specialty therapies come to market, the cost to pharma manufacturers in forfeited revenue due to nonadherence and other challenges will only continue to grow. Moreover, patients who struggle to afford these medications may eventually return to the doctor’s office and hospital due to lack of therapy, costing the U.S. health system another $300 billion in avoidable medical expenses. Prescryptive’s web-based, mobile patient engagement platform, myPrescryptive, lets the patient know their prescription price at the point-of-prescribing – rather than at the pharmacy counter – and will offer the patient opportunities to enroll in drug-specific programs/co-pay assistance from the drug manufacturer, creating price transparency earlier in the prescription journey and reducing nonadherence due to cost barriers.

“Today, patients don’t know their prescription price, or if pharmaceutical companies have assistance programs that could help make medications more affordable, until they arrive at the pharmacy counter, leading to abandonment and nonadherence,” said Chris Blackley, Prescryptive Health CEO. “Prescryptive is rewriting the script for manufacturers and patients by delivering the patient information in the moment that matters: the point of prescribing.”

To learn more about Prescryptive Health’s solution for pharma manufacturers, visit Booth #1823 at Asembia’s AXS23 Summit in Las Vegas from April 30-May 4. Find more information on Prescryptive’s solutions at

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Prescryptive Health is a healthcare technology company rewriting the script for the US pharmaceutical market. We are building a more equitable and transparent ecosystem that connects patients, prescribers, pharmacies, payers, and pharma manufacturers, empowering consumers to take ownership of their prescriptions. Our solutions optimize health outcomes while enabling better patient engagement through user-friendly technology. More at or on LinkedIn. #letsrewritethescript

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