Pharma Solutions

A direct connection with engaged patients that drives product utilization

Our technology provides real-world insights to inform access, affordability, and brand strategy.

$250B is forfeited by the pharmaceutical industry annually due to medication non-adherence.

Explore a consumer experience
activated by a digital prescription


Digital prescription appears on patient’s phone at point of prescribing empowering the patient to engage in therapy selection.

Direct engagement

Gathers patient-specific information leading to medication challenges at the point of prescribing and throughout the course of treatment.

Transparency & choice

Auto-discovery of pharmacy benefits, population of manufacturer-sponsored copay assistance, and cash pricing options based on pharmacy selection.

Adherence addressed

Intelligent patient alerts promote initiation of therapy and on-going adherence risk, reducing nonadherence and abandonment.

Real-time Pharma data

Dashboard shares insights on access, affordability, adherence, outcomes, and survey results, leading to data-driven decisions.

Flexible alignment

Technology platform easily addresses your specific brand strategies and goals to truly inform business decisions.

Unlocking new value for patients and manufacturers

Reduce first fill abandonment, improve persistence, and enhance effectiveness measurements of drugs in-market with a technology solution designed to engage with patients more directly than ever before.

What the patient gets

  • Digital prescriptions on mobile phone
  • Direct engagement at point-of-care
  • Co-pay assistance applied automatically
  • Intelligent reminders promoting adherence
  • Cash pricing options

What the manufacturer gets

  • Increased product utilization
  • Actionable data-driven insights
  • Patient-reported data
  • Patient connection to manufacturer-sponsored resources
  • Flexible & aligned platform

Patient first, pharma focused solutions

A better prescription experience is possible

The power to shop, choose and save.

Better adherence = better outcomes

Easy-to-use prescription solutions, on their mobile phone.

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Engage and empower the consumer. Improve adherence and effectiveness. Unlock new value.

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