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6 signs it’s time to replace your PBM & what to look for in a new solution

Employers may be hearing rumblings that it’s time to move on from the legacy PBMs in light of…

As Seen In: BenefitsPRO

3 things to know about Specialty pharmacy in 2024

Specialty drug costs are expected to rise 15% in 2024. Employers need a plan in place for this…

As Seen In: BenefitsPRO

The PBM unbundling has begun: How Blue Shield of California and others are embracing new models

Using Blue Shield as a precedent, more companies may begin to unbundle their pharmacy benefits, scaling back reliance…

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What is transparency? 6 things to look for in a PBM contract

Apparently, everyone is for transparency now. So why do employers and their brokers still struggle to understand prescription…

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IRA means increased drug prices for commercial plans: Ways to prepare

Drug prices for commercial health plans could increase under the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. HR must act…

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3 reasons why owning your pharmacy benefits data matters

Owning your pharmacy benefits data is a must. In her latest Benefits PRO article, Andrea Pickett, Prescryptive’s Chief…

As Seen In: BenefitsPRO

Prescription benefits: 3 things you should be discussing with your PBM consultant

Keep reading in Benefits PRO: Prescription benefits: 3 things you should be discussing with your PBM consultant

As Seen In: BenefitsPRO

3 steps for employers to evaluate their PBM contracts

Plan sponsors may have more power than they may realize. Prescryptive’s deputy general counsel, David McKay, identifies three…

As Seen In: BenefitsPRO

To be, or not to be… a fiduciary: That is the question for PBMs

By agreeing to serve as a fiduciary, a PBM can commit to putting the employer’s best interests ahead…

As Seen In: BenefitsPRO

How to navigate the new COVID-19 employer requirements

Prescryptive’s Andrea Pickett in BenefitsPRO discusses how planning around record-keeping, payment allocation, and reporting will help employers stay…