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As Seen In: Pharmacy Times

Community pharmacies may benefit from embracing AI for enhanced profitability

When pharmacies use Prescryptive AI Pricing, they see a gross profit margin of nearly 54%. Paige Clark, VP…

As Seen In: Medical Economics

Change is coming to old pharmacy benefits models – here’s what it can mean for healthcare

The legacy PBM model is no longer sustainable. But the good news is that pharma and other healthcare…

As Seen In: PSG

PSG Publishes Annual Drug Benefit Design Report for 2024 with Prescryptive as Sponsor

“Pharmaceutical Strategies Group (“PSG”), an EPIC company, released its annual Trends in Drug Benefit Design Report, sponsored by Prescryptive Health, detailing the…

As Seen In: Healthcare IT Today

Is There an AI Topic That is NOT Getting Enough Attention Right Now?

AI in healthcare seems to be all the rage – but are there AI topics that aren’t getting…

As Seen In: Fortune

A crisis is hitting your local drugstore. Why the slow demise of a 130-year-old family-owned pharmacy chain spells disaster for consumers

In this deep dive, Fortune reporter Maria Aspan covers the myriad factors contributing to the closure of American…

As Seen In: Drug Topics

NCPA Says AI Can Help Pharmacies Optimize Cash Pricing

Drug Topics shares our news that NCPA “has renewed its recommendation of Prescryptive Health’s artificial intelligence pricing system,…

As Seen In: HIT Consultant

NCPA Renews Recommendation of Prescryptive AI Pricing: Empowering Pharmacies with AI-Driven Cash Pricing

HIT Consultant shares the news that NCPA renewed its recommendation of Prescryptive AI Pricing, stating “Prescryptive Health recently…

As Seen In: MedCity News

An Ohio pharmacy was fined $250K. It represents everything wrong with the prescription drug industry.

What can one fine at one store tell us? The prescription drug industry is at a breaking point.…

As Seen In: Drug Store News

The Future of AI in Pharmacy

With so much in the news about artificial intelligence, or AI, it’s hard to imagine all the ways…

As Seen In: Drug Topics

Independent Pharmacies Must Look Out For Deceptive PBM Practices

Douglas Hoey, CEO of NCPA, shared his thoughts on the current pharmacy payment model with Drug Topics and…

As Seen In: BenefitsPRO

6 signs it’s time to replace your PBM & what to look for in a new solution

Employers may be hearing rumblings that it’s time to move on from the legacy PBMs in light of…

As Seen In: Talk to Your Pharmacist

PODCAST: Pharmacy Technicians Solving Prescription Price Concerns

Prescryptive is proud to work with Kerrville Drug Co. in Texas, whose Pharmacy Manager and Certified Pharmacy Technician,…