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As Seen In: HR Dive

Johnson & Johnson drug benefits suit ‘absolutely’ a wake-up call for employers

Rae McMahan, SVP of Payer Solutions at Prescryptive Health, shares her perspective on the recent headlines about the…

As Seen In: Pharmacy Practice News

4 Tips for Pharmacists Managing Flu Outbreaks

Paige Clark, RPh, and Vice President of Pharmacy Policy and Programs at Prescryptive writes in Pharmacy Practice News…

As Seen In: Shortlister

Prescryptive tops Shortlister as #1 for PBM and Price Transparency

Shortlister has named Prescryptive Health with two honors in Q1 2024: #1 Vendor in Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM)…

As Seen In: Healthcare IT Today

2024 Health IT Predictions for Patients

Chris Blackley, CEO at Prescryptive Health, shares his insights for the year ahead: “Patients are demanding information and…

As Seen In: HIT Consultant

3 Ways Prescription Tech Will Impact Healthcare Organizations’ Bottom Lines in 2024

In 2024, health systems have an opportunity to improve patient experiences through prescription technology. Prescryptive’s SVP of Provider…

As Seen In: BenefitsPRO

3 things to know about Specialty pharmacy in 2024

Specialty drug costs are expected to rise 15% in 2024. Employers need a plan in place for this…

As Seen In: Fierce Healthcare

2024 Outlook: Will legislators pass meaningful reforms to PBMs? The jury is still out

Heading into the new year, PBM legislation is a hot topic in the healthcare industry. Prescryptive CEO, Chris…

As Seen In: Chief Healthcare Executive

Reduce spending in 2024 with healthy discharge plans after ER visits

Prescryptive’s Senior Vice President of Provider Solutions, Miranda Rochol, sees an opportunity for optimism as health system administrators…

As Seen In: MedCity News

PBMs Are in Regulators’ Crosshairs But Are Regulators Missing the Point?

As our CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Blackley, writes, the consequences of failing to address pharmacy benefit managers’ use…

As Seen In: BenefitsPRO

The PBM unbundling has begun: How Blue Shield of California and others are embracing new models

Using Blue Shield as a precedent, more companies may begin to unbundle their pharmacy benefits, scaling back reliance…

As Seen In: Vator News

Prescryptive Health working with 9amHealth to tackle diabetes and obesity

Vator News takes a look at our announcement with 9amHealth and shares more details in an interview with…

As Seen In: KFF Health News

Biosimilars: Save Billions or Stick with Humira?

KFF Health News, formerly Kaiser Health News, the national newsroom focused on health issues, reports in the Los…