Prescryptive Health Launches Comprehensive Pharmacy Management Platform to Expand the Scope of Community Pharmacists

The new solution offers clinical services with built-in mobile scheduling and prescription savings for patients, plus inventory management, reporting, and billing for pharmacies.

Redmond, WA – October 5, 2021 – Healthcare technology company Prescryptive Health today announced that MyRx PRO is now operational nationwide. The pharmacy management platform allows pharmacists to digitize their business with new revenue opportunities through profitable clinical services and a deeper patient engagement experience.

“Today we change the course of the community pharmacist,” said Chris Blackley, CEO of Prescryptive Health, “by empowering them to expand their business and meet new customers through new services, all on our secure platform. Pharmacists are central to community health, and we are proud to offer a system to help them transform for the digital age.”

At the core of MyRx PRO are turn-key clinical services, which build in patient engagement, inventory management, reporting, and billing all on one platform. This includes critical COVID-19 care—testing, vaccinations, and monoclonal antibody treatment—and flu services for the ongoing public health crisis.

MyRx PRO pharmacists already on the platform had a lift in annual revenue up to 25%; by offering relevant services, pharmacists can grow their business while providing the healthcare needed in their local communities. New patients find these services through Prescryptive’s patient-friendly mobile solution,

“I’m getting new patients at my counter every day thanks to Prescryptive,” said Vincent Chiffy, owner of Parkway Drugs in Utica, NY. “MyRx PRO allows me to offer more services efficiently so I can focus on what matters most: patient care.”

Theresa Tolle, Lead Luminary for CPESN Florida, said: “With MyRx PRO, Prescryptive has proven to be a true partner in helping independent pharmacists improve workflow, scheduling, and reporting. It’s critical support for pharmacists facing the need to maintain profitability while serving their communities.”

MyRx PRO also features SmartPRICE™ with AI-driven intelligent pricing capabilities and a solution for cash-paying customers. Unlike popular cash discount cards, SmartPRICE™ saves patients up to 80% on prescriptions without exorbitant fees charged to local pharmacies by third parties.

MyRx PRO is available nationwide today, with new clinical services added continually. Learn more about the platform at

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