MyRx PRO for Pharmacy Services

Transform your business
for the digital age

Offer more clinical services and maximize your bottom line with turn-key digital solutions.

A more efficient store

Our comprehensive solution covers patient engagement, reporting, billing, and more, allowing you to work smarter.

New customers

We pay for advertising to connect you with thousands of patients looking for relevant services.

Secure systems

Our HIPAA-compliant systems are built on blockchain for security, privacy, and protection.

Clinical services

Multiple ways to serve your patients profitably, with turn-key programs all on one portal. See services >

Simple onboarding

About 30 minutes is all it takes to complete the process with our pharmacy concierge team.

It’s easy to use. Seriously.

See how it works in
this product demo.

Pharmacy solutions

Offer more to your community

See vaccination, testing, and treatment services that are live now on myRx PRO.

A pharmacist-first pricing solution

A cash pricing model that works for you and your customers.

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