Why patient retention is the key to healthy connections

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Health systems consistently seek new ways to effectively engage existing patients. Providers know that when patients are empowered to be more active in their healthcare, better outcomes happen. But what about keeping current patients in place? Are systems paying enough attention to patient retention?

It’s all connected. A loyal patient base is a provider’s most significant asset. Engaging patients at a deeper level doesn’t happen without an ongoing relationship with a provider. And retention is critical if you want to keep that relationship growing.

Patient retention strategy starts here

Today’s consumers expect more. Convenience, choice, and a personalized experience top the list of demands. And meeting them where they are with mobile technology has never been more important.

Keeping patients satisfied and in place requires a focused strategy and a consistent approach. Every patient interaction, from the first call and appointment to treatment and follow-up, is an opportunity to make a positive impression, improve satisfaction, and encourage retention.

Here are 3 strategy starters for improving patient retention:

Build connections

In our consumer-centric world, relationships have never been more important. Providers who take time to get to know patients on a personal level can build the trust that differentiates their practice.

Interact in-between

Using technology to stay connected with patients before, after, and between visits can help drive loyalty. Sending personalized healthcare reminders keeps a provider top of mind.

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Keep it simple

Make it easy to be your patient by providing user-friendly digital tools to schedule appointments, pay bills, and fill prescriptions.

Patient retention benefits people and providers

From additional revenue opportunities and cost savings, to enhanced care and healthier outcomes, keeping patients satisfied and in place benefits the health system and the patient.

For the provider

  • Increased revenue
    The more patients retained, the more likely they are to use services from other areas of the health system.
  • More referrals
    Loyal patients are more likely to refer the provider’s brand to friends and family, increasing awareness and leading to even more patients.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Acquiring new patients is more time-intensive and costly than retaining existing patients. Find a strategy that balances acquisition with retention for the highest ROI.

For the patient

  • Better care
    With consistent visits, the provider team can deliver improved preventive and ongoing care.
  • Enhanced adherence
    Building a lasting, trusting relationship means patients are more likely to adhere to medications and recommendations.
  • Healthier outcomes
    Ultimately, retention improves continuity of care and leads to better outcomes, increased satisfaction, and healthier patients.

The bottom line on keeping your patients in place

Finding new patients and engaging them in their healthcare can lead to a successful practice. But staying focused on keeping the patients you already have is a smart move, too. And it all starts with keeping them happy.

When patients leave their appointment with a positive experience, they’re more likely to:

  • Return for another appointment
  • Leave positive reviews online
  • Refer your practice to their family and friends
  • Pay their bills on time

By focusing on patient satisfaction, developing strong connections, and using the right technology, you can create long-lasting relationships that keep patients coming back so you can help keep them healthy.

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