Point-of-care technology: The benefits of meeting the patient where they are

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Today’s patients are consumers in their healthcare and want more say in the process. Healthcare providers are doing everything they can to capture, engage, and retain patients. Put it all together and you get a greater need for easy-to-use tech solutions that enhance the entire healthcare experience right from the get-go. And that’s where point-of-care technology comes in.

The advantages are many. Point-of-care technology is used in the moment where the patient and provider need it most, and it’s often in the hands of the patient. This leads to rapid clinical decision-making, reduces the time and resources required to provide treatment, and allows for more collaborative and informed care. Common point-of-care tools and devices include smartphone health apps, blood glucose monitors, rapid or PCR Covid-19 tests — and our consumer-empowering mobile prescription solution, myPrescryptive.

Engaging patients is nothing new

The idea of meeting the patient where they are is not a new approach. Healthcare systems have been investing in point-of-care solutions for more than 40 years. While the technology has changed, and vastly improved, over the years, the ultimate goals remain the same: increase access to care, enhance patient engagement, and reduce costs — for the provider and the patient.

The app stats are eye-opening:

This increased access to healthcare can be life-changing for those struggling to get the care they need. A growing number of point-of-care technologies enable clinicians to remotely monitor homebound patients and provide care to those unable to meet in a clinical setting.

For the care provider, benefits of point of care technology include:

  • Access to on-the-go patient health info
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved patient adherence
  • Stronger relationships with patients
  • Healthier outcomes

For the patient, the benefits are just as impactful:

myPrescryptive:a new digital prescription solution

myPrescryptive engages and empowers the patient starting at the point of care. It begins when a digital prescription appears on the patient’s phone at the point of prescribing, empowering the patient to engage in therapy selection, search for a great price on their prescriptions, and choose a pharmacy, while still in the provider’s office. Intelligent alerts promote on-going adherence and providers have access to patient-specific data to help them address medication challenges.

See what makes the digital prescription journey a better patient experience

Transparency, choice, and convenience are more important than ever. myPrescryptive connects the patient and provider at the point of care with mobile solutions that make it easier to adhere to a healthy plan. Learn more about the power of myPrescryptive.

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