Industry chatter: 7 of our favorite Prescryptive soundbites from 2023

Revisit some of the year’s most compelling conversations in healthcare and prescription technology

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Hard to believe but 2023 is quickly coming to a close — time sure flies when you’re rewriting the script, doesn’t it? And oh, what a year it was! The rise of digital prescriptions, the push for PBM reform, the world domination of Taylor Swift…

With so much to discuss, we think the best way to recap the talk of 2023 is a quick look back at some of the more memorable soundbites from the Prescryptive team. Here’s a snapshot of what we had to say in what proved to be yet another year of compelling, and at times disruptive, conversation in healthcare and prescription technology.

  • The PBM unbundling has begun: How Blue Shield of California and others are embracing new models

    “In an unbundled world, as the data gets freed from the big PBMs that focus on profits rather than transparency, member-patients can become more active consumers in their healthcare, shopping around for the best deal and payment option on their prescriptions, in turn driving down costs for both the member and the employer.”
    — Rae McMahan, SVP Payer Solutions

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  • Technology Tools Can Improve Customer Service

    “With 85% of Americans owning a mobile phone, pharmacists should be offering easy-to-use mobile options.”
    — Paige Clark, RPh, VP, Pharmacy Programs & Policy

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  • Addressing the Barriers of Medication Adherence Through Digital Health

    “Roughly 30% to 40% of Americans have said at one point in their life, they’ve abandoned [a prescription] at the pharmacy, because it’s too expensive. So, it’s definitely a barrier for medication therapy. What we’re planning to do is change this; we call it a digital prescription.”
    — Tony Little, ND VP of Solutions Architecture

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  • Can anything be done to bring down prescription drug costs?

    “As long as PBMs are controlling market access for affordable options and inhibiting competition through practices like spread pricing, verticalization, and bundling, drug costs will not go down.”
    — Chris Blackley, CEO & Co-Founder

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  • Prescryptive Health working with 9amHealth to tackle diabetes and obesity

    “When a patient experiences medication success, it creates value for everyone — not just patients, but providers, pharma manufacturers, and payers.”
    — Chris Blackley, CEO & Co-Founder

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  • PODCAST: Empowering Patients with Digital Prescriptions

    “The problem we’re trying to solve, is making it so patients can afford their medication at the pharmacy counter. When you look at the core dysfunction of the US drug market, technology can play a role in fixing that.”
    — Chris Blackley, CEO & Co-Founder

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  • Blue Shield of California dropped CVS as its PBM – why it could save them $500 million

    “What Blue Shield has done is a very significant shift in the market, because it signals how bad the current paradigm is.”
    — Chris Blackley, CEO & Co-Founder

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