Big 3 for 2023: What community pharmacists should be thinking about

Technology is key to unlocking new opportunities in pharmacy in 2023.

Paige Clark By: Paige Clark

Community pharmacists don’t need a crystal ball to see the opportunities and challenges headed their way. Pricing technology, consumer demand, data security — these hot topics have been gaining steam for some time. But what you do need is a plan for how to be ready for what we know is already here.

To get the planning process started, let’s take a look at three topics for 2023 that should be at the top of every community pharmacist’s mind.

  • 1. AI has the power to drive pharmacy profitability

    The buzz around AI (artificial intelligence) in the pharmacy will get even louder in 2023. With high-deductible health plans growing in popularity, consumers are ramping up their search for new ways to save on their medications. Pharmacists need a pricing solution that keeps customers happy and builds the bottom line. That’s where AI comes in. It provides data-driven insights that take the guesswork out of drug pricing to enhance the pharmacy experience — for your staff and your customers.

  • 2. Consumers want more technology

    There’s never been a better time to invest in pharmacy technology. Why? Because today’s tech-savvy consumers demand it. In Prescryptive’s recent Independent Pharmacy Trends study an eye-opening 91% of consumers said their pharmacy would be more likely to retain their business if the pharmacy adopted technology that enhances their experience. By providing mobile-friendly solutions and user-friendly tech tools, you’ll drive more loyal customers to your counter.

  • 3. Data security takes a front row seat

    Finding a technology partner that can protect your patient data and help your business grow should be a pharmacy priority. Nearly 50 million people in the U.S. had their sensitive health data breached in 2021. Hackers are everywhere, and community pharmacies are seen as relatively soft targets. Plan for peace of mind in 2023 by safeguarding your pharmacy with smarter technology and advanced security protections.

But the real bottom line remains the same.
No matter what comes our way in the new year, one thing that will always stay the same: Our focus on the patient. Taking care of people is at the center of everything we do. With the right technology, trusted partnerships, strategic thinking, and a ton of hard work, independent pharmacists will thrive and help build healthier communities.

Happy, healthy customers. Better bottom line. That’s the power of Prescryptive.

Paige Clark
Paige Clark VP of Pharmacy Programs and Policy

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