Mobile Solution

Choice, transparency, control

Do more at every
pharmacy visit

Shop for medications, control where you fill them, and book services with your pharmacist.

Full control over your
pharmacy experience

Manage your prescriptions and services all on our secure, mobile-friendly platform.

Prescription shopping

You can now shop for drugs just like you shop for everything else: on your mobile device. Find the best value in a few steps.

Always secure

Your health data is protected through our ScryptLOCK™ privacy technology.

Fewer doctor visits

All mobile

Access to test and vaccine records, a medicine cabinet, and prescription transfers, all on your phone.

Save up to 80%
on prescriptions

Sign up for SmartPRICE™ and save even more. This cash savings solution works like other cards but also helps your local pharmacist.

Looking for your prescription benefits?

Do you have benefits through your employer that include Prescryptive and Let’s get you connected!