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NCPA Says AI Can Help Pharmacies Optimize Cash Pricing

Drug Topics shares our news that NCPA “has renewed its recommendation of Prescryptive Health’s artificial intelligence pricing system,…

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Independent Pharmacies Must Look Out For Deceptive PBM Practices

Douglas Hoey, CEO of NCPA, shared his thoughts on the current pharmacy payment model with Drug Topics and…

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Technology Tools Can Improve Customer Service

Drug Topics examines how technology can help pharmacists offer high-quality customer service. Prescryptive’s own Paige Clark, RPh, weighs…

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Best of Total Pharmacy in 2022

Take a look back at the most popular Total Pharmacy coverage for 2022, including the NCPA recommendation of…

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NCPA Annual Convention and Expo: Prescryptive Health

See highlights for the annual NCPA convention in Kansas City, including sessions from Prescryptive Health! Conference Preview: NCPA Annual…

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Slow-Going: Progress to Resolve Drug Supply Chain Issues Is Minimal

Paige Clark, RPh and VP of Pharmacy Programs and Policy talks to Drug Topics about this issue and…

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POC Testing Opportunities Are Important Beyond COVID-19

​For pharmacists, POC testing is important far beyond COVID-19. @PrescryptiveH’s Paige Clark discusses how community pharmacists can and…