Prescryptive Health Welcomes Paige Clark as VP of Pharmacy Programs and Policy

Clark joins from Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy where she led professional development and focused on expanding the scope of pharmacists.

REDMOND, Wash., June 8, 2021 – Prescryptive Health, a healthcare technology company empowering consumers by improving the way healthcare is delivered, announced today that Paige Clark, RPh., has joined the leadership team as VP of Pharmacy Programs and Policy. In this role, Clark will drive policy work to support the company’s commitment to increasing the awareness, utilization, and scope of trusted independent pharmacists.

Clark joins after 11 years at Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy, where as Director of Professional Development she was instrumental in driving policy initiatives for licensed pharmacists in Oregon, including the prescribing of birth control and tobacco cessation services.

“Paige brings with her multiple perspectives from the pharmacy world, including professional development, continuing education, and the regulatory and policy side,” said Chris Blackley, Prescryptive Health CEO. “Her clear commitment to expanding the scope of the community pharmacist, and her dedication to supporting pharmacists in new roles, will help drive our mission to empower more consumers by connecting them with local pharmacists for services.”

Some of Clark’s most pertinent policy work has focused on expanding pharmacists’ scope of practice. In 2016, Clark oversaw the implementation of a house bill that allowed Oregon licensed pharmacists to prescribe birth control and be reimbursed at the same rate as physicians and other health providers.

More recently, Clark was instrumental in implementing a drug therapy management protocol in Oregon that allowed pharmacists to prescribe FDA-approved tobacco cessation products.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Prescryptive team,” said Clark. “I’ve long been an advocate for expanding the pharmacist’s scope of practice because it achieves tremendous public health outcomes. I’m looking forward to building solutions that help pharmacists work at the top of their license, at the highest standard of their abilities, every day.”

Clark has been a pharmacist for more than 35 years, including stints in large chains and independent pharmacies. Before designing national educational programming at Oregon State University, she worked as the Staff Pharmacist Consultant for the Oregon Board of Pharmacy for four years, managing rule writing, legislative endeavors, and regional and national policy work.

Clark is a frequent speaker and presenter at national industry conferences and a multi-award winner, including several Pharmacist of the Year recognitions. She is a graduate of Oregon State University College of Pharmacy.

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