Prescryptive Health Launches COVID-19 Treatment Solution for Pharmacists

The monoclonal antibody treatment program includes continuing education, inventory guidance, and billing services.

Redmond, WA – September 28, 2021– Healthcare technology company Prescryptive Health today announced a turn-key solution for pharmacists to treat COVID-19 through monoclonal antibody administration. This new program builds on the company’s work with community pharmacists on COVID-19 testing and vaccine services and supports the National Community Pharmacists Association’s effort to prepare pharmacists to provide this treatment.

“As in all our COVID-19 solutions, we are empowering pharmacists to help end this pandemic, through identifying, reporting, preventing, and now treating this virus,” Chris Blackley, Prescryptive Health’s CEO, said. “More than 90% of Americans live within five miles of a pharmacy, and pharmacists have proven again and again how essential they are in their communities.”

Michele Belcher, incoming NCPA president and pharmacist at Grants Pass Pharmacy in Oregon, a leader in providing this service, said: “The solution is truly turn-key, allowing pharmacists to get trained and provide COVID-19 treatment to their communities quickly. As this public health crisis continues, pharmacists can support their communities in new ways through this program.”

Prescryptive Health’s robust, one-hour ACPE-accredited continuing education training for COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment is free for pharmacists nationwide. NCPA supports the continuing education program built by Prescryptive. In combination with the NCPA resources, pharmacists have the tools necessary to prepare administering this clinical service.

The innovative program also includes a clinical protocol developed by subject matter experts and leading regulators; policies and procedures to help pharmacies operationalize the service; guidance on accessing inventory as it becomes available; and billing services, through Prescryptive’s partnership with AssureCare®. This program will debut in Oregon, with additional locations added across the nation in the coming weeks.

Belcher and Paige Clark, VP of Programs and Policy at Prescryptive Health, will present at the NCPA conference in October on the COVID-19 treatment program, showing how pharmacists are playing a crucial role for public health in their communities.

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