Prescryptive Health and Bartell Drugs partner to expand access to reliable, safe and secure COVID-19 testing

Coalition of pharmacies and industry partners will accelerate Americans’ return to work

May 7, 2020 (SEATTLE) – Prescryptive Health, a healthcare technology company headquartered in Redmond, WA, and Bartell Drugs, the Seattle-based drug store chain, announced today a partnership to expand access to reliable and secure COVID-19 antibody testing. This coalition will operate under the directive of the Department of Health and Human Services by allowing licensed pharmacists to order and administer FDA-authorized COVID-19 antibody tests.

“As tests are made available, pharmacists will be instrumental in the administration of safe, reliable and accurate COVID-19 tests”, said Chris Blackley, CEO of Prescryptive Health. “Pharmacists are trusted and valued healthcare professionals who play a critical role in our community’s management of and recovery from this crisis. We are proud to be in partnership with Bartell Drugs to deploy a platform to accelerate testing that preserves patient privacy.”

Widespread, verifiable COVID-19 testing is essential to accelerate the nation’s return to work, hasten our economic recovery and keep our country safe. In its initial phase, the program will offer employers and consumers access to serologic antibody tests which signify that a person may have been exposed to   COVID-19 and developed a potential immune response. The tests will soon be available at select Bartell Drugs locations.

“Supporting and investing in our communities is an integral part of what Bartell’s stands for,” said Billy Chow, VP of Pharmacy at Bartell’s. “We are proud to partner with Prescryptive in this coalition designed to drive convenient, widespread availability of reliable and safe testing. Our goal is to help accelerate the return of healthy individuals to the workplace to get our community back on its feet.”

The program is built on Prescryptive’s blockchain-encrypted prescription intelligence platform. Employers will have the option to enroll their employees to be tested at participating Bartell’s pharmacies. Once the program is launched, eligible employees who have been enrolled will be able to use their mobile phone to register for a test, select a pharmacy testing location and schedule an appointment.

After they are tested, individuals will receive a private and secure digital certificate of the test results, validating that the test was administered by a licensed healthcare professional. Discounted tests and scheduling priority will be provided to healthcare professionals, healthcare workers and high-risk individuals.

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