Prescryptive Health and AssureCare Partner on End-to-End Mobile Patient Experience and Medical Billing Solution for Pharmacies

The technology companies will work together on digital solutions to support community pharmacists, starting with immediately needed COVID-19 care.

Redmond, WA and Cincinnati, OH – September 22, 2021 —Prescryptive Health, a healthcare technology company empowering consumers with information to make informed health decisions, announced today a partnership with AssureCare®, a connected care company transforming patient centric healthcare, on an end-to-end pharmacy solution that covers everything from patient engagement to medical billing processes. This is the first time a solution can offer these full capabilities, supporting pharmacists as they expand their scope of practice and ultimately expanding access to patient care.

This unique partnership marries Prescryptive Health’s nationwide pharmacy network and innovative, mobile-first patient engagement platform,, with AssureCare’s medical billing capabilities for pharmacies, creating a digital foundation for pharmacies to find new customers, serve their healthcare needs, and get paid for clinical services.

“We’ve always believed the community pharmacist deserves to be fairly compensated for their expertise and care,” said Chris Blackley, CEO of Prescryptive Health. “This partnership extends our mission to connect people to their local pharmacist for services, with a robust medical billing process as a model for what’s possible in the future of pharmacy.”

“Together, Prescryptive Health and AssureCare are partnering to greatly improve overall population health,” said Yousuf J. Ahmad, DrPH, MBA, MHSA, FACHE, President & CEO of AssureCare. “This partnership is crucial to enable pharmacists to  deliver on their tremendous responsibilities in healthcare and connecting those pharmacists with patients who are in need of services.”

The first focus of the partnership will be COVID-19 care. Pharmacists have proven to be essential providers throughout the pandemic and are often the only provider in some of the most impacted communities. Pharmacists will be connected to patients searching for COVID-19 services, including testing and reporting, vaccines, and RegenCOV treatment. This full prevention-diagnosis-treatment-reporting-payment with revenue cycle management solution, delivered via digital technology, helps pharmacists serve their communities in the ongoing public health crisis, while remaining profitable.

“As a community pharmacist, this new partnership is thrilling to see,” said Michele Belcher of Grants Pass Pharmacy in Oregon, the first store to implement the new joint offering. “When pharmacists can profitably serve their communities through digital solutions that remove complexity and frustration, we can focus on what matters: the care of our patients.”

About Prescryptive Health

Prescryptive Health is a healthcare technology company delivering solutions that empower consumers. Prescryptive’s secure, mobile-first products connect consumers, pharmacists, and employers, ultimately providing people with the information they need to make informed decisions and take control of their health. To learn more about Prescryptive Health, visit

About AssureCare®

AssureCare is a privately held healthcare technology company that transforms the health management process for pharmacies, payers, and providers, by enabling the delivery of higher quality, cost-effective, collaborative care across the complete continuum of health and wellness. AssureCare’s robust population health management platform provides a patient-centric, boutique electronic health record software suite that empowers providers to deliver effective and efficient patient care and supports Medication Therapy Management solutions AssureCare is an industry leader in developing modular, seamless solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs associated with population health management.

AssureCare is a Vora Ventures portfolio company with headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. For more information, please visit or call 513-618-2150.

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