Prescryptive Health Announces New York Partnership, Expands State COVID-19 Testing Capacity

Public-private alliance seeks to revolutionize rapid testing, curb spread of COVID-19

SEATTLE, Wa. – Prescryptive Health, a healthcare technology company, today announced a partnership with the State of New York to expand reliable, convenient, and rapid COVID-19 testing at over 150 community pharmacies statewide. The initiative is part of a larger commitment by Prescryptive Health to empower consumers through its digital platform and improve the way healthcare is delivered, making it more affordable and accessible.

“Local pharmacies are among the most trusted and accessible healthcare professionals, and our platform empowers them to deliver safe and secure COVID-19 testing throughout their communities,” said Chris Blackley, CEO of Prescryptive Health. “Prescryptive Health is proud to partner with the State of New York and pharmacies throughout the state. We believe this effort will provide pharmacists the support and technology they need to better help communities combat the COVID-19 pandemic.”

This month, Prescryptive Health and the State of New York announced that they are partnering to offer the Abbott BinaxNOW antigen COVID-19 tests at over 150 participating pharmacies in the coming weeks. While pharmacists and their in-house health professionals will be administering the tests, Prescryptive Health’s blockchain-powered platform will locate participating pharmacies, schedule tests, deliver digital proof of test results to the patient’s mobile phone, and allow follow-up coordination with patients’ licensed clinicians. Prescryptive Health’s unique platform will also offer access to PCR testing from participating pharmacies and will extend to support vaccination at participating pharmacies as the vaccine becomes available.

Troy Trygstad, Executive Director of CPESN USA, a clinically integrated network of community pharmacies with locations in New York, praised Prescryptive Health’s platform and what it will do for New Yorkers:

“The pandemic has only reinforced the critical nature of our pharmacy community. Now, thanks to Prescryptive’s diligent work and integrated platform, New York residents can receive reliable, rapid COVID-19 tests from the faces and voices that they trust most. This partnership will undoubtedly help to curb the severity of the pandemic in New York.”

As COVID-19 spread throughout the United States, Prescryptive Health worked closely with federal and state health authorities, pharmacies, manufacturers, and research institutions to develop a turnkey solution for pharmacies to deliver COVID-19 testing at scale, safely and securely. New York is the first state to partner with Prescryptive Health to offer expanded testing capabilities.

New York residents can access testing information through Prescryptive Health’s website or directly from their mobile phones. The BinaxNOW testing is free of charge for Medicare and Medicaid in the State of New York.

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