Pharmacists, hear from a colleague about the power of AI-optimized pricing

Increase your pharmacy profitability with Prescryptive AI Pricing

Paige Clark By: Paige Clark

Seeing more cash-paying customers at your counter? This scenario may be on the uptick as more employers offer high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). As patients continue to look for savvy ways to save money on their prescriptions, community pharmacists need to be ready with a cash-price solution that keeps price-sensitive customers happy without hurting the bottom line.

Enter artificial intelligence, or AI, which can optimize your cash pricing system by looking for opportunities in your pricing data. In September 2022, NCPA, the National Community Pharmacists Association, partnered with Prescryptive on this cutting-edge technology.

In this NCPA Business Booster, hear from pharmacy owner, Steve Moore, PharmD, and Paige Clark, RPh., VP of Pharmacy Programs and Policy at Prescryptive Health, on how pharmacists can become immediately more competitive with Prescryptive’s artificial intelligence-driven cash pricing solution that optimizes pharmacy profitability over time. Hear about the following topics:

  • AI-driven insights:

    A pricing engine driven by artificial intelligence with real-time updates and a steady stream of actionable insights. 

  • Customized, dynamic pricing:

    A team of Prescryptive data scientists analyzes your pharmacy pricing data, looking for opportunities based on location, the drug itself and more. 

  • A predictive model: 

    This forward-looking solution assures that pharmacies can leverage the power of AI, offering a capability that balances sustainability with savings. 

  • Advanced reporting:

    Expanded reporting features to provide even more advanced analytics and actionable insights.

Learn more about Prescryptive AI Pricing.

Paige Clark
Paige Clark VP of Pharmacy Programs and Policy

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