myPrescryptive: 3 reasons why I believe in this healthcare technology

TonyLittle By: Tony Little, ND

Hint: It’s all about the power of choice

Looking back on my journey at the crossroads of technology and medicine, I recall the founding ethos of Prescryptive Health. It stems from a simple yet revolutionary concept, quite like the ideologies that have shaped our digital world: Shopping for prescriptions should be as seamless as any other online purchase.

It was 2017 when Prescryptive co-founders Chris Blackley and Kevin Young, departing Microsoft to explore new horizons, approached me. At the time, I was deeply engaged in my work at another major health services innovator, but the Prescryptive proposal intrigued me. The vision of transforming healthcare delivery through the simple yet powerful act of ‘choice’ was compelling. So, I found myself leaving my current gig and joining Chris and Kevin on this exciting quest.

At my previous company, we repeatedly grappled with a dilemma when creating technology designed to encourage healthy living. We lacked a bridging solution that could smoothly integrate medical care with personal wellness. Our technological advancements suffered from meager utilization, with adoption rates disappointingly low.

myPrescryptive hands the control back to the consumer, right in the doctor’s office.

This is where Prescryptive’s patented digital prescription changes the game. This technology acts as the missing link, enhancing and streamlining all other experiences in the patient journey. It’s the technology at the core of our consumer-empowering mobile solution, myPrescryptive.

Think about it. Every time you visit a doctor, chances are you’ll leave with a prescription. Under the current system you often face a gauntlet of hurdles to fill your prescription, especially if the medication is expensive. myPrescryptive hands the control back to the consumer, right in the doctor’s office. By empowering the consumer at the point of care, it promotes open conversations about cost, access, safety, and efficacy, enriching the medication therapy experience and outcomes.

Delivering true value for PBMs and plan members

Using this same consumer-first approach, we crafted the Prescryptive PBM. It’s a platform built on a bedrock of transparency, housing an engaging, user-friendly, proactive, and unique member portal. Moreover, we adapted this technology to seamlessly integrate with other PBMs, essentially providing transparency for all.

The beauty of this innovation? Everyone benefits. Members save money, the plan economizes, physicians deliver superior care resulting in healthier patients, and pharmacies process cleaner prescriptions. The system is more efficient with fewer abandoned prescriptions, leading to better adherence to treatment plans, and ultimately, happier manufacturers.

In the pharmacy benefits domain, the spotlight is often on savings. Through our model and with our own PBM members, we observe an annual member and plan savings around $2500 per interaction that results in an alternative medication selection. This equates to considerable medical savings as well, as patients with chronic conditions adhere to their medication, reducing emergency visits and hospital admissions. Additionally, operational savings are achieved through automating formulary compliance processes, which traditionally are manual and less effective.

Influencing patients to improve outcomes

We live in a consumer-driven world, and we all expect personalized, responsive experiences. Whether it’s alerts from an online retailer, notifications from our bank, or reminders for appointments, we’ve come to anticipate engagement tailored to our needs. This holds true even for healthcare.

So many of the current apps aiming to enhance medication therapy are either promoted by doctors but unconnected to pharmacies, or vice versa. Alternatively, they’re standalone systems, forcing patients to take the initiative. Prescryptive disrupts this model, using the prescription as a catalyst and creating an all-encompassing experience. The potential to revolutionize the patient experience, boost initial adoption, improve adherence, and enhance medical outcomes is nothing short of groundbreaking.

I am honored to be part of a team of compassionate experts building solutions that make healthcare work for everyone. I invite you to join us in rewriting the script.

Reach out to learn more about myPrescryptive and our solutions.

Tony Little, ND VP of Solutions Architecture

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