PODCAST: 3 powerful outcomes of prescription portability

A conversation about digital prescriptions, prescription portability, and how prescriptive technology is rewriting the script for pharmacists, health care systems, employers, and consumers.

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Welcome to the first episode of The Inside Scrypt Podcast. The title of today’s episode — Rewriting the script: The Power of Prescription Portability. We talked to Tony Little, Prescryptive VP of Solutions Architecture, about the impact of prescription portability on savings and health outcomes. Here are a few highlights from the conversation, hosted by Jason Schultz.

Jason Schultz:
Thanks for checking out the very first episode of The Inside Scrypt Podcast. The plan for today is to have a conversation about digital prescriptions, the importance of prescription portability, and how prescriptive technology is rewriting the script for pharmacists, health care systems, employers, and consumers. Tony, can you talk a little bit more about what that means for the prescription drug industry, for health care overall, and most importantly, for the consumer?

Tony Little:
It’s the concept of using the prescription as a bridge between two types of care — medical care and self care. In the U.S. especially, there’s no good way to connect the two — you get a prescription and you’re kind of on your own. The prescription itself is the bridge between medical care and self care. It has a lot to do with putting that prescription back in our hands, turning patients into consumers.

The ability to land a prescription on your phone in the doctor’s office and look at any barrier to good medication therapy, to getting quality medication therapy so you become healthy, is something that just has never really been done and prescriptive is doing it.

Tony Little, Prescryptive VP of Solutions Architecture

JS: Can you explain how Prescryptive’s patented digital prescription is changing the game?

TL: Instead of a paper prescription, the doctor sends you a digital version of it that lands on your phone. This enables you to make decisions about your prescription in your doctor’s office so you can make value- and cost-based judgments when it matters the most, in front your doctor.

JS: The digital prescription is making the entire process better, giving the patient more ownership of their health, improving adherence, all the benefits you just spoke about. It’s something that impacts the entire health care process. Is that an accurate statement?

TL: Yeah, it sure does. There’re all these barriers the digital prescription tackles that gives the health care system a new tool to improve medication therapy. There are very few technology solutions in market today that do these three things: One, save money for the patient, two save money for the plan, and three, improve outcomes. Prescryptive does all three.

JS: What do you see coming next?

TL: A digital prescription is a digital front-door — a new moment in time between the doctor and the pharmacy that makes other programs more valuable. Downstream effects include better adherence to medication, healthier outcomes, and less cost to the health care system. It’s the idea of how do we continue to make better medication therapy experiences, so it doesn’t feel like the doctor is just throwing you over the fence to the pharmacy? Reality is they (pharmacies) can’t control their costs. There’re all these middlemen taking cuts. The digital prescription and prescription portability cuts out some of that waste in the middle, which is important for us to continue to strive for in health care.

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At Prescryptive, we believe the best experience drives the best outcomes and that by empowering the healthcare consumer with the ability to take ownership of their prescription, we can fundamentally change how the prescription drug market is delivered and consumed in the United States.

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