2024 Health IT Predictions for Patients

Chris Blackley, CEO at Prescryptive Health, shares his insights for the year ahead: “Patients are demanding information and access, and healthcare participants must deliver it. Prescriptions are the actionable place to start. For too long, patients have been left out of the prescription process when they actually have the greatest interest in it. To drive down prices, achieve better outcomes, and build trust, healthcare consumers must be at the center of their prescription experience.”

And on unbundling the U.S. prescription drug marketplace: “Blue Shield of California is only the beginning. Employers will see that unbundling of drug benefits can drive huge rewards for plan savings, employee savings, and better health outcomes. But unbundled participants must communicate on a secure network that puts patients first.”

And on legislative policy regarding market concentration: “What is less known is that the role of PBMs as a vertically integrated partner is to leverage their significant profits to fund cross-subsidies on the medical insurance side of the combined entity. Regulators must turn their attention to these monopolistic powers before it’s too late — and healthcare becomes truly unaffordable for everyone.”

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