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“AI-optimized pricing gives me confidence to compete profitably—without leaving money on the table.”


As a co-owner of more than 24 independent pharmacies largely located in the Pacific Northwest, Jeff Harrell, PharmD, knows the critical role technology plays in evolving his pharmacy business –profitably.


Increase in revenue year-to-date

“I thought the drug benchmarking data we had via our PMS was sufficient for our business. Prescryptive proved me wrong.”

Favorite features:

Artificial intelligence
optimized pricing solution

Personalized data
analysis and insights

Maximized, sustainable

Jeff Harrell, PharmD, is a leading authority on technology and innovation within the pharmacy practice. When Prescryptive Health approached Jeff about its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered pricing engine, he was intrigued, albeit a bit skeptical.

“They had me at AI,” Jeff said. “But we knew our market really well. And, we had reliable benchmarking data through our pharmacy management system (PMS). I wasn’t convinced that Prescryptive’s solution would provide much more insight.”

That said, as a champion of technology and innovation, Jeff was open to seeing how the AI-powered pricing intelligence engine could help fuel his business performance even more. Prescryptive worked with Jeff to gather historical claims data, and they performed a complimentary deep-dive data analysis.

“I was taken aback with the thoroughness and sophistication of the analysis and the solution,” Jeff said. “We got down to the drug-level, detail-by-detail. They really understood what I needed, and they personalized the solution with my input and market knowledge to ensure optimal results.”

After just one week with the AI-optimized pricing in place, Purdy Cost Less Pharmacy saw a revenue increase of 16%.

“Once we got the model in place, the business impact was noticeable in just a matter of days,” said Jeff. “This is a top-of-the-line solution that will be very valuable to independent pharmacies seeking maximum growth—regardless of their current tools and PMS. I look forward to expanding the solution across all of my pharmacies in 2022.”

Purdy Pharmacy Case Study - Powered by Prescryptive Health

Jeff Harrell, PharmD,
Multi-location pharmacy co-owner

“Finding a way to stay market-competitive and keep the business thriving is imperative
for the long-term viability of my pharmacies,which serve a critical patient and community need.”

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