CASE STUDY | Kirk’s Pharmacy

CASE STUDY | Kirk’s Pharmacy

“Companies over-promise,
but Prescryptive delivered.”

Andrew Heinz, Kirk’s Pharmacy Co-owner

With three locations in Pierce County, WA, Kirk’s Pharmacy went from zero to 1,000+ COVID-19 tests in a matter of weeks with PrescryptivePRO from Prescryptive Health.


COVID-19 tests

across 3 locations in less than 3 months

“After we mastered vaccines, we realized there was more we could do to help our community: COVID-19 testing. PrescryptivePRO gave us the capacity to scale quickly and easily without added staff.”

Favorite features:

Turn-key; minimal set-up

Lightweight for pharmacy staff

Up-front patient payment collection

Public health reporting

Kirk’s Pharmacy started in Eatonville, WA, with a history that dates back to 1929. Today, it has grown to three locations and is focused on expanding clinical services to meet the needs of its rural population.  

“We’ve built partnerships with local school districts, the fire department and our local health department over many years,” said Andrew Heinz, Kirk’s Pharmacy Co-owner. “Once the pandemic hit, we had to find a way to provide a service to these partners in the community. We started with vaccines.”

Once the pharmacy was ready to start COVID-19 testing, the decision to partner with Prescryptive was easy, said Heinz: “PrescryptivePRO does not add work to my already over-burdened staff. We just collect the sample. Prescryptive does all our state health reporting and a lot of the upfront work such as collecting payment from the patient in advance.” Heinz continued: “This drastically reduces the amount of ‘no-shows’ and limits the patient’s time in the pharmacy.”

Kirk's Pharmacy Case Study - Powered by Prescryptive Health

Andrew, Tara, and Kirk Heinz

In just three months with PrescryptivePRO, Kirk’s Pharmacy performed more than 1,000 COVID-19 tests. “We were doing 10-20 COVID-19 tests each day. Recently, for the first time, we did a group testing event. We performed 100 COVID-19 rapid antigen tests in 3 hours. We’ll be targeting more events like this going forward,” said Heinz.

“We delayed COVID-19 testing because of the demand for vaccines and the burden of public health reporting. Once we discovered that the burden of reporting was a perception versus a reality because of Prescryptive’s solution, we were able to implement testing within a week.”

Profitable. Efficient. Turn-key.


pharmacists enrolled in PrescryptivePRO and counting

Up to

25% lift

in annual revenue for pharmacies using our clinical services

30 mins

is all it takes to complete the onboarding process

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