Driving prescription price transparency for your patients

With myPrescryptive, your patients see the price of their medication, at the pharmacy of their choice, at the time you’ve prescribed it – all from their phone.

You save time

No more searching for a great price; your patients do that on their mobile phone, before they leave your office. | Take Control At The Pharmacy Counter - Prescryptive Health

Better patient outcomes

With easy-to-use solutions, patients are more likely to pick-up and adhere to medications as prescribed.

Full control

Your patient gets a text message with their Rx and chooses from 60,000 pharmacies through our secure system.

A solution for the problems your patients face today

62% of patients
say knowing their
out-of-pocket costs will
influence whether they’ll
access healthcare*

9% of all new
prescriptions are
abandoned at the
pharmacy. The percentage
goes up as out-of-pocket
costs increase*

73% of patients are
more likely to discuss
lower-cost alternatives
with their doctor if they
know the costs before
they get to the pharmacy*

*See more insights from our Rewriting the Script survey.

Full price transparency without
the hassle for you

With rising drug costs, it’s more important than ever that your patients know their prescription costs before they get to the pharmacy, to increase medication adherence and better patient outcomes. But the drug cost information available to prescribers at the point-of-care is lacking – unreliable and a hassle.

myPrescryptive enables patients to see the cost of their medication as covered by their insurance plan – no matter what insurance they have – to increase price transparency of medications at the point of prescribing vs. the point of dispensing. This means you save more time at every patient visit and your patient understands their costs before leaving your office.

Better adherence =
better health outcomes

You’ve heard it before – rising drug costs can contribute to medication abandonment and nonadherence, which in turn impacts patient health and outcomes. With myPrescryptive, this broken cycle gets impacted earlier because patients know what their drug will cost before they get to the pharmacy. What’s more, patients control their prescriptions on their mobile phone, with new opportunities for asking about lower-cost drug alternatives, choices in how they pay, and getting refills through a digital medicine cabinet.

A fully mobile
experience for patients

Once you send your patient’s prescription to Prescryptive, they can fully control it on their mobile phone through myPrescryptive, our secure, patient-friendly platform. After searching for their medication, patients can:

  • Find a great price in cash or with their insurance
  • Set their language preference (English or Spanish; more languages coming soon!)
  • Send it to the pharmacy of their choice
  • Access refills through a medicine cabinet
  • No app to download! It’s all on their mobile phone.

How to rewrite the script
for your patients:

  • Make sure your patient is signed up for myPrescryptive.
  • Search for Prescryptive in the pharmacy drop-down.
  • Ensure your patient’s phone number is included in the prescription.
  • Send the prescription as you normally would.
  • Your patient will receive a text message with a link to information about their prescription and start saving on their meds.

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