Prescription power,
in your patients’ hands

For the first time, your patients can own their prescription with from Prescryptive.

Full control

Your patient gets a text message with their script and can choose from 60,000 pharmacies through our secure system.

You save time

No more searching for the best price; your patients do that on their mobile phone, before they leave your office. | Take Control At The Pharmacy Counter - Prescryptive Health

Make healthy easy

With easy-to-use solutions, patients are more likely to pick-up and adhere to medications as prescribed.

You need solutions to the broken prescription industry

81 million
prescriptions never
get picked up

*Managed Healthcare Executive, May 4, 2022

Half of patients
abandon prescriptions
due to cost

*Healthcare Finance via DrFirst study, 2018

causes $100 billion
in preventable costs
per year

*The Permanente Journal, 2018

A fully mobile
experience for patients

Once you send your patient’s prescription to Prescryptive, they can fully control it on their mobile phone through our secure, patient-friendly platform, After searching for their medication, patients find the best price, send it to the pharmacy of their choice, and access refills through a medicine cabinet. No app to download! It’s all on their mobile phone.

How to rewrite the script
in four easy steps:

  • Search for Prescryptive ( in the pharmacy drop-down.
  • Ensure your patient’s phone number is included in the prescription.
  • Send the prescription as you normally would.
  • Your patient will receive a text message with a link to information about their prescription.

Questions? Get in touch

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