Prescriber Resources

Prescriber Resources

We help prescribers better serve patients

Your patients will finally have access to true prescription pricing, at the point of care, so you can have more informed discussions about their options.

Quick access resources

STANDARD PLAN MEDICATIONS – Four tier formulary guide to drug coverage.
PREVENTATIVE MEDICATIONS – Find out which preventive medications are covered at no cost to members.
SPECIALTY MEDICATIONS – Learn more about which specialty medications are preferred, and the process to get started on these medications.
PRIOR AUTHORIZATION MEDICATIONS – Find out which medications, including specialty medications require a prior authorization review.
MEDICATION QUANTITY LIMITS – View the medications that have limited quantities restrictions without a prior authorization.
AGE LIMIT RESTRICTIONS – Learn which medications have an age limit restriction that requires a prior authorization.
HEALTHY VALUES MEDICATION LIST – Learn about medications that offer the best value.

PRIOR AUTHORIZATION REQUEST FORM – Initiate a prior authorization review for your patient.
MEMBER APPEALS FORM – Use this form to initiate a level 1, 2, or 3 appeal of a previous coverage decision.

APPEALS PROCESS – Learn how to use the appeals process.
EMERGENCY FILL POLICY – Learn our policy for addressing emergency prescription needs.
PRIOR AUTHORIZATION CRITERIA – Understand prior authorization review policies.

Mail order pharmacy

Prescryptive members who prefer the convenience of mail order can request home deliveries through our national mail order pharmacy partner, Walmart Pharmacy.

Specialty pharmacy

Specialty medications require a prior authorization before being covered. A prior authorization request form must be submitted by a healthcare provider on behalf of their patient to initiate the process.

With approval for treatment with a specialty medication, patients have complimentary access to specialty pharmacy care teams who work in partnership with the patient’s physician to support treatment adherence and success.

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Retail pharmacy

For the first time, your patients can own their prescription with myPrescryptive. Patients can choose from 65,000+ pharmacies through our secure system and get their prescription as a text message directly on their phone to shop and select a pharmacy of their choice.