Our Platform

Mobile-first design.
Blockchain power.
Cloud scale.

Prescryptive’s Health Intelligence Platform powers the most personal, most powerful, and most compliant healthcare solutions available.

Mobile-first design

No app to download. Onboarding in a few clicks. This is healthcare for the modern consumer.

Blockchain power

By harnessing its security, we address the longstanding challenges that limit today’s healthcare solutions.

Cloud scale

Best-in-class efficiency and scale means we can implement enhancements with lightning speed to meet market demand.

Empowerment through information

Our mobile-first member experience helps people take control of their health: Onboarding in a few clicks, text alerts, no app to download.

Members said they would feel very or somewhat disappointed if they could no longer use Prescryptive text alerts

2020 Prescryptive Health Member Satisfaction Survey

Let’s make healthcare work for everyone

We’d love to find ways to work together to deliver powerful, innovative healthcare solutions available to everyone on their mobile device.