Prepare for 2024 and the coming DIR Cliff With Predictable Profitability From AI

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As pharmacists prepare for a new year and the coming DIR cliff, Prescryptive Health has a technology solution that can help pharmacies become immediately more profitable. In this NCPA Business Booster webinar replay, Paige Clark, RPh., VP of Pharmacy Programs and Policy at Prescryptive Health, Dan Hockett, Director of Operations at Prescryptive Health and Jonathan Marquess, owner and manager of several independent pharmacies and VP of the Academy of Independent Pharmacy at the Georgia Pharmacy Association, will share how artificial intelligence is boosting pharmacy profitability right from the start.

  • AI-driven insights:

    A pricing engine driven by artificial intelligence with real-time updates and a steady stream of actionable insights. 

  • Customized, dynamic pricing:

    A team of Prescryptive data scientists analyzes your pharmacy pricing data, looking for opportunities based on location, the drug itself and more. 

  • A predictive model: 

    This forward-looking solution assures that pharmacies can leverage the power of AI, offering a capability that balances sustainability with savings. 

  • Advanced reporting:

    Expanded reporting features to provide even more advanced analytics and actionable insights.

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