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How Confluence Health brought transparency back to their prescriptions

After dealing with a number of issues from their former PBM, Confluence Health partnered with Prescryptive to manage formulary costs and lower prices for their patients. 

Before Prescryptive, we were fielding issues with our pharmacy benefit almost weekly.

Kristen Hankins
Director of Network Strategy

When Confluence Health — an integrated Healthcare Delivery system that houses two hospitals, over 40 medical specialties and primary care — partnered with Prescryptive, employee complaints about their prescription benefit were through the roof. 

But with Prescryptive, Director of Network Strategy Kristen Hankins says she can’t remember the last time an employee reached out with benefit concerns — saving their HR team from stress and admin time. Quarterly business reviews helped manage formulary costs and identify areas of opportunity.

Prescryptive helps us manage the cost of our formulary to improve the cost not only to us, but also to our patients. Quarterly business reviews helped manage formulary costs and identify areas of opportunity.

Laurel Aaberg
Director of Pharmacy


cost reduction per member for non-specialty medications

Since switching to Prescryptive, Director of Pharmacy Laurel Aaberg (PharmD) says the member experience has greatly improved, thanks to the cost transparency we’re able to provide. The Prescryptive platform helps patients take control over their prescriptions in ways they’ve never been able to before.

7,000 members

successfully transitioned

$5.13M saved

since switching

70.5% enrollment

in myPrescryptive

Now, Confluence Health can rely on Prescryptive to ease benefit management for their employees, lower costs for their business, and provide price reductions for their patients. With one easy transition, their PBM challenges are taken care of.

Prescryptive’s transparent approach to benefit management makes us feel confident that the issues discovered during the transition process from our former PBM will never happen again.

Kristen Hankins
Director of Network Strategy


Client satisfaction


Transition experience rating

A new kind of pharmacy benefit


pass-through of rebates


average annual patient savings

Up to


average plan savings off total annual drug spend

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