Case Study

How Anthony-Brown Pharmacy in Buffalo, NY, found new revenue opportunities through a digital-first solution from Prescryptive Health

“I’m a fifth-generation pharmacist. It feels great to help my community this way. We get a lot of thank you’s, and that makes it worth it. It was really no-risk for us.”

Randy Brown,
Anthony-Brown Pharmacy Owner

Anthony-Brown Pharmacy has been in business since 1880. But the COVID-19 era introduced new challenges—and opportunities.  

After realizing that there was only one COVID-19 testing facility in the area, owner Randy Brown knew he had to help his community: “The one place was doing 1,000 people a day. It was crazy to make my patients go that far. We needed a better option.” 

Enter Prescryptive Health’s comprehensive pharmacy solution: “We were ready to go with 1,000 tests of our own but ended up selling them to someone else. The turn-key COVID-19 solution handles reporting to the state, the test inventory, and the scheduling. That was worth it to us.” 

COVID-19 tests

*since onboarding with PrescryptivePRO

“PrescryptivePRO has been a great driver of the business.

We increased profitability without increasing manpower.”

Favorite features:

Simple onboarding for all staff 

COVID-19 rapid test inventory 

Seamless state reporting

Profitable. Efficient. Turn-key.


pharmacists enrolled in PrescryptivePRO and counting

Up to

25% lift

in annual revenue for pharmacies using our clinical services

30 mins

is all it takes to complete the onboarding process

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