Safely accelerating our return to work

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought unprecedented damage on our health and economy. But the decisive steps we have taken as a community to slow the spread of the virus and lessen its impact have made a significant difference. Physical distancing is working, and we appear to have avoided the virus’ worst-case scenarios. Though these prudent and necessary measures have saved countless lives, our economy has paid a price with countless businesses fighting to survive and tens of millions unemployed.

The medical and scientific communities agree that widespread, verifiable testing is among the most important measures that must be in place before we can safely return to work. Prescryptive Health is partnering with a coalition of licensed pharmacies and other industry leaders to make COVID-19 testing and verification accessible, secure and convenient.

The mission of this coalition is to leverage our collective expertise across technology, supply chain, and healthcare to establish a platform for scaling national testing capabilities to accelerate our nation’s return to work and to our communities. As we gradually relax physical distancing measures and begin to reopen businesses, the coalition is banning together to help accelerate our ability to safely restart the economy.


Help your community and economy get healthy again.


Provide convenient testing for your employees.



Build a nationwide network of healthcare professionals capable of administering millions of tests per day

Pharmacists play a critical role in making COVID testing accessible to a broad population. Recognizing that pharmacists are  trusted and  qualified healthcare professionals who are deeply integrated in their communities, the Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that licensed pharmacists are authorized to order and administer FDA-authorized COVID-19 tests.

This guidance taps into the extraordinary potential of over 300,000 highly trainedlicensed pharmacists who are conveniently located near of the majority of the populationoften the only source of healthcare services in remote and underserved communities.  Access to testing at pharmacies also reduces the number of asymptomatic patients going to hospitals and labs for testing, freeing up scarce resources at those facilities so they are available for those who need them most. 

Building Blocks:

  1. Access to tests and PPE equipment

  2. Guidance on applying for CLIA waivers

  3. Access to best practices for safely administering tests  

  4. Online test registration and scheduling for patients

  5. Payment assurance at fair reimbursement rates for professional services 



Establish a central test verification, acquisition and distribution network

We have brought together the technical expertise in medical diagnostics with manufacturing and supply chain capabilities to ensure the availability of tests that meet minimum quality standards in accordance with federal guidelines.   

The coalition is reviewing clinical studies to ensure the quality and efficacy of tests as the FDA completes their review for Emergency Use Authorization.  By organizing and optimizing test distribution channelsthe coalition is balancing supply across geographies to ensure supply where it is needed most while removing the financial barrierfor pharmacies to acquire quality tests based on local needs. 

Building Blocks:

  1. Experts engaged with manufacturers, federal health authorities, and research institutions to identify, review and verify test quality in accordance with applicable federal guidelines and third-party independent research 
  2. Two VAWD-certified national distribution centers providing:

    • Central inventory and load-balancing
    • Just-in-time delivery of testing and PPE supplies triggered by online test appointment 
    • Security and control over consignment inventory to eliminate capital and financing requirements of participating pharmacies



Provide a secure, scalable digital platform

Our prescription intelligence platform is scalable, cloud-based solution that is built on innovative blockchain technology.  It is seamlessly integrated with pharmacies throughout the county and provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant commerce platform to easily manage COVID-19 test scheduling, administration, reporting, and billing processes.   

The mobile-first experience enables consumers to conveniently find licensed testing locations, schedule appointments, and access and share real-time verified test results on their mobile phone.  Backed by advanced analytics, it enables employers to stay up to date on testing progress and test results. 

Building Blocks:

  1. Secure, standards-based commerce and data platform capable of hyper-scale  
  2. Simple innovative mobile-first experiences for patients 
  3. Distributed blockchain platform with industry-standard interfaces for privacy-centric immutable test verification 
  4. Advanced analytics and data platform capabilities