Lowering prescription benefits costs and changing your employee’s lives

Our prescription intelligence platform helps you - and your employees - save 15-40% on pharmacy benefits.

We founded Prescryptive with a bold vision:  to empower patients with information and choice so they can take charge of their health. Building a new approach to tackle an old and complex problem – the affordability and accessibility of prescription drugs – takes patience, grit and a lot of hard work.

But your employees are definitely worth it.  Right now it’s more important than ever to keep them (and your bottom line) healthy. Submit the form below to get your customized savings analysis.

Prescryptive’s prescription intelligence platform provides all the traditional pharmacy benefit services your employees need, at a lower cost:

  • Direct connection to over 50,000 pharmacies in our national network, including specialty and mail-order
  • Flexible formulary and plan design
  • Real-time claims processing
  • Prior authorization management
  • Rebate management and payment processing

Prescryptive’s model focuses on cost transparency and control rather than plan performance. Our platform provides direct access to market pricing, transition support to boost employee engagement, and a modern consumer experience that empowers your employees to save money and improve their health.

Here’s how we're rewriting the script:


Employees are empowered to take charge of their health through a personal, secure, transparent and convenient shopping experience they control.

Cut Costs

Employers will see 15 – 40% savings from lower drug prices, smarter plan designs and increased employee engagement.

Better Health

Research shows that empowered patients are healthier, happier and more productive employees.