Register for an Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccination Info Session

Learn more about Prescryptive’s free vaccine scheduling solution

Reserve your spot! In this webinar, Prescryptive’s pharmacy relations team will show you how it works and also cover our COVID-19 testing program.

Prescryptive Health is proud to offer this program at no charge. This nationally available Covid-19 vaccine scheduling solution is part of our larger commitment to empower pharmacists and consumers through an innovative digital platform built for pharmacists, by pharmacists. HIPAA-compliant and easy to use, our tool can help you serve your community securely and efficiently.

Prescryptive’s testing & vaccination solution:

A pharmacy-first program

Compliant and secure systems
We provide a HIPAA compliant system that
is easy to use and built to scale.

Pharmacy controlled portal
Our configurable portal enables full control
over your vaccine schedule.

Simple patient experience
A fully integrated experience means there’s
no app to download.