Our solution empowers employees and cuts prescription costs by 15 – 40%

Prescryptive provides transparency, security and mobile convenience.   

It’s simple.
Via mobile text alert,
members know:

  • How much their plan covers

  • What a drug costs

  • What their out-of-pocket expense will be

  • Whether they’re getting a good price, or if lower cost options are available

This all happens in real-time, at the point of care. There is no app to download.

Where others may restrict choice and transparency, we embrace and extend it.

Prescryptive remains neutral on drug selection and volume: we do not profit from the sale or selection of drugs.
We pass on the savings to the consumer. This ensures we design and manage your plan as if it were our own.

Patients have more control and insight into their healthcare

  • Members know the price, insurance coverage,
    and out-of-pocket expenses in real time
  • We don’t force customers to use mail-order
    pharmacies—for anything
  • 30, 60, and 90-day fills are available at all
    in-network pharmacies


Our formularies prioritize efficacy, safety, and net plan cost—in that order—and we will customize as appropriate to meet your specific needs at no additional cost.


Our solution includes additional programs and services at no charge to help you maximize the value of your plan, and drive member engagement.

  • Formulary adherence management
  • Utilization management
  • Annual plan savings analysis
  • Opioid management
  • Manufacturer co-pay assistance programs


Our commitment to transparency and customer choice redefines what a service provider should be.

Prescryptive will:

  • Assume fiduciary oversight of your prescription drug benefit plan
  • Retain your claims data and plan documentation in readily accessible format for audit
  • Provide an annual credit to support your audit of our contract performance

Prescryptive Health vs.
Traditional Prescription Benefits Manager

Prescryptive Health Traditional PBM
Profit from drug sale, selection, transactions, or rebate fees No Yes
Drug pricing Actual price (vs. average),
published to members
Not published
Rebates 100% pass through Retains excess rebates (above guarantees)
Administrative fee Fixed, per member
per month – all inclusive, no
hidden fees or extra charges
Varies and not all inclusive;
extra fees & charges app
Prescryptive Health Traditional PBM
Fiduciary oversight x
Price & rebate pass
through guarantees

(with penalties paid to customer)
External reviews x
Annual audit offset x
Prescryptive Health Traditional PBM
Criteria 1. Efficacy  2. Safety
3. Net plan cost
1. Rebates 2. Efficacy
3. Safety
(flexible design to meet
customer needs)
Limited (depends on rebates)
Prescryptive Health Traditional PBM
Benefit design assistance Additional cost
Prior authorizations Additional cost
Appeals Additional cost
Manual claims processing Additional cost
Concurrent drug
utilization review (CDUR)
Additional cost
Prescryptive Health Traditional PBM
Custom & ad-hoc reporting Additional cost
Utilization management x
Annual plan savings analysis x
Opioid management x
Specialty pharmacy copay savings programs x
Prescryptive Health Traditional PBM
Real-time text alerts x
Personalized cost & options x
Presonalized drug
alternatives information
Personalized shopping x
Overall satisfaction x

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