Increase your pharmacy profitability with Prescryptive AI Pricing

Increase your pharmacy
profitability with
Prescryptive AI Pricing

An NCPA Business Booster webinar featuring Prescryptive Health

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Paige Clark, RPh., VP of Pharmacy Programs and Policy at Prescryptive Health, and pharmacy owner, Steve Moore, PharmD, share how pharmacists can become immediately more competitive with Prescryptive’s artificial intelligence-driven cash pricing solution that optimizes pharmacy profitability over time. 

AI-driven insights

A pricing engine driven by artificial intelligence with real-time updates and a steady stream of actionable insights. 

Customized, dynamic pricing

A team of Prescryptive data scientists analyzes your pharmacy pricing data, looking for opportunities based on location, the drug itself and more. 

A predictive model

This forward-looking solution assures that pharmacies can leverage the power of AI, offering a capability that balances sustainability with savings. 

Advanced reporting (COMING SOON)

Expanded reporting features to provide even more advanced analytics and actionable insights. 

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