Member Resources

Member Resources

Access to personalized resources

Log in to the Member Portal to access everything about your prescription plan, including your prescription pricing and retail pharmacy network options, your claims history and more.

Our Member Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer questions about claims, initiate prior authorization for medications, or get help accessing the Member Portal.

Set up your account with our national mail order pharmacy partner, Walmart Pharmacy, before or after your prescription is sent.

Phone: 1-800-2-REFILL
Walmart Pharmacy

Amber Pharmacy is your specialty
pharmacy partner. Get started by first learning how prior authorizations work and beginning the process with your healthcare provider.

Member Information

IN-NETWORK PHARMACY LIST – View the comprehensive list of of pharmacies in our network.
STANDARD PLAN MEDICATIONS – Use this comprehensive four tier list as a guide for drug coverage.
PREVENTIVE MEDICATIONS – Find out which preventive medications are covered at no cost to members.
SPECIALTY MEDICATIONS – Learn more about prescription requirements and support programs.
PRIOR AUTHORIZATION MEDICATIONS – Learn what medications require prior authorization, how to get started, and what the process looks like.
MEDICATIONS WITH QUANTITY LIMITS – Medications that have limited quantities allowed by your plan without a prior authorization review.
AGE LIMIT RESTRICTIONS – View the medications with an age limit restriction that requires a prior authorization by your plan.
HEALTHY VALUES MEDICATION LIST – Learn about medications that offer the best value.
ONCOLOGY CRITERIA – Prior authorization criteria for Oncology supplement.

Prescryptive members receive top-quality care and service from our pharmacy partners including thousands of retail pharmacies across the country. To find a network retail pharmacy in your neighborhood, login to your member portal and use your pharmacy finder tool.

Experience the convenience of home deliveries through our national mail order pharmacy partner, Walmart Pharmacy. They are coordinated with your Prescryptive benefit for a hassle-free experience.

e-Prescribe: Walmart Pharmacy 2625
Phone: 1-800-2-REFILL (1-800-273-3455)
Fax: 800-406-8976
Walmart Pharmacy

Specialty medications require a prior authorization before being covered. A prior authorization request form must be submitted by a healthcare provider on behalf of their patient to initiate the process.

With approval for a specialty medication, members receive complimentary access to specialty pharmacy care teams who work in partnership with your physician to ensure treatment adherence and success.

Your specialty pharmacy partner is Amber Pharmacy at (206) 413-9371. Here is a list of specialty medications.

Get started with Amber Pharmacy by first learning how prior authorizations work and starting the process with your healthcare provider.

PRIOR AUTHORIZATION REQUEST FORM – Give this form to your healthcare provider to get a prior authorization review started.
MEMBER REIMBURSEMENT FORM – Use this form to be reimbursed for a claim you paid directly.
MEMBER APPEALS REQUEST FORM – Use this form to appeal a previous prior authorization decision.

APPEALS PROCESS – Learn how to use the appeals process.
EMERGENCY FILL POLICY – Learn our policy for addressing emergency prescription needs.
PRIVACY POLICY – Understand how your personal information is protected by Prescryptive.