Take Control at the Pharmacy Counter

Take control at the pharmacy counter

Think pharmacies are just for drugs and diapers, scripts and soda? Think again.

Trusted clinicians

Pharmacists can offer services like vaccinations and testing. Connect with one through our platform.

Know more

No more standing in line thinking “can I even afford this?” Our members know their drug costs before leaving the doctor’s office.

Shop small, feel good

Your local pharmacist is a vital community resource. You can support them while supporting your own good health.

Full control over your Rx experience

Shop for medications, control where they’re filled, save up to 80%, and sign up for services like tests and vaccinations. All you need is your mobile phone.

Sign up. Take control.

Sign up for myRx.io to start doing more at your favorite pharmacy. We’ll send you a registration link via text a message.

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