Empowering consumers with choice and control: The solution to a prescription marketplace that’s kept consumers in the dark

Introducing the Prescription Intelligence Platform

450 million prescriptions are abandoned at pharmacies every year due to unexpectedly high costs. By 2023, net spending on medication in the United States is estimated to increase from $344 billion to $420 billion. It’s an unacceptable and dysfunctional system that’s putting lives at risk. Consumers should be able to shop for prescription drugs the way we buy everything else in our lives—with choice, transparency and convenience.

See how Prescryptive is rewriting the script.

We’re empowering consumers with control and choice in a market that’s kept them in the dark for decades. Download our eBook to learn:

  • Why today’s prescription benefit market is broken and needs disrupting
  • How a prescription intelligence platform built on blockchain technology is driving the disruption
  • How Prescryptive’s consumer-focused, mobile solution empowers consumers, cuts costs, and inspires better health
  • How giving choice and control to the U.S. workforce saves employers 15 – 40%, improves benefit engagement, and builds a healthier workforce
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About Prescryptive

We formed Prescryptive in 2017 with a singular goal: to make medication more accessible and affordable to improve patient health. This goal has turned into a mission to empower patients as healthcare consumers with information and choice that inspires them to take control of their health.