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It’s easy to schedule one with your local independent pharmacist. GET STARTED Now booking COVID-19 vaccinations Have more informed discussions with your healthcare provider Know what a drug costs, how much your insurance covers, and what your out-of-pocket expense will be while engaged with your healthcare professional. LEARN MORE Schedule a COVID-19 test at your local licensed pharmacy directly from your phone. LEARN MORE Get more from your local pharmacy Slide Prescryptive Diabetes
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The new Prescryptive Rx benefit saves on my out-of-pocket costs for my son’s transplant medications. We’re finally down to what we were paying back in 2014. Yippee!

Prescryptive Member

Our people are more engaged and better equipped with the tools they need to manage their own health.

Sheri G., CPO of Healthcare Management
Administrators (HMA)

When everyone else shut down, pharmacies stayed open. The pandemic has brought forward the need for utilizing this essential workforce. Getting your COVID-19 test from faces and voices you recognize is now widely available, with same​-day results — often in less than 15 minutes — thanks to our partnership with Prescryptive.

Troy T.
Executive Director, CPESN USA

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